Humen children's clothes is on the rise but the achievements of the women's clothing is unknown

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-10
Humen town everybody knows is women's clothing, and children's clothing has become a dark horse in recent years, the government attaches great importance to and believe in the near future children's clothing will also be a humen another card. In the second half of 2008 when the financial crisis, a man named tiger silly's new children's wear brand was born. Xiaohu show concern over the past four years, and the beetle house already has hundreds of stores at home, and in the rapid growth every year. In addition to them, this year's fair; happy bean, grass dolls, little lion lele, cheering the pony, become warped lips snake, a humen than babe, and so on more than 10 children's wear brand also gather together, these also is basically the birth of a new brand in recent years. Their collective appearance, a symbol of the rise of a batch of humen children's wear brand, and in a few years ago, also at the suit is almost all adults. When big jade-like stone began to Denver children's clothing market last year, not far from the lai of children's clothing wholesale city also through transforming, covers an area of more than 3700 square meters, from the ground floor to the ground floor 3 1 all children's clothes, more than 200 shops a launch had been sold out. Between Yellow River fashion city and prosperous common people fashion city, silver dragon road, yongping street, within the area of wing road, street bunk basic it is children's clothing wholesale shops, they all have a lovely brand name. How these street children's clothing berth in the past three or four years like spring up rapidly. After the unit is for adults and shoes more, a few days not see suddenly changed the door first. Big jade-like stone Oriental international apparel trade city originally also positioning for traditional adults, on the fourth floor in August last year, all room positioning for the children's center, facing the domestic children's clothing stores and brands to China merchants, an area of more than 10000 square meters more than 400 bunks. Only just three months berth occupancy rate reached 95%, when the market is not good to have such a high occupancy rate, very rare. If do adults can't have such a high occupancy rate. Children's clothing has occupied 25% - humen clothing industry 30% of the market, only mentioned four professional children's clothing wholesale market, children's wear this unit number more than 1500, a lot of children's clothing shop street, not including commercial circle. Humen town also put the eye on the emerging markets. Humen clothing as the first pillar industries, in recent years with the maturity of the market and the impact of financial crisis, the slowdown in the growth. Today, children's wear rapid growth momentum is humen town to see the dress outside of another growth point. Is dominant, humen town has begun to action, to build a huge children's wear center rich children's wear. Rich children's center is located in the prosperous clothing negative on the first floor business center to the seventh floor, a total of eight, a total area of about 50000 square meters, there are 20 - More than 1500 100 square meters of shops, is currently one of the children's clothes market in the pearl river delta, positioned as China's influential distribution center for children's clothing trading platform. The center is almost humen children's clothing wholesale markets combined. Rich clothing business center has opened as early as in early 2009, the center building majestic investment 500 million, covers an area of 30000 square meters. At that time from the negative on the first floor to the fifth floor nearly thousand units sold out. But as the market is quiet, two years ago few clients, as the rent-free period end, nearly thousand units have almost all to evacuate. In the children's clothing is not yet mature market, competition everywhere, humen is powerful in children's clothing name town, because of the humen clothing industry advantage, profound and complete industrial chain, there are a large number of children's wear brand operators. But has the power to do and real, have a different nature. Founder suggested the government to increase information platform to promote children's clothes, lead the enterprises to go out and help enterprises to the industrial chain and docking. Humen to humen children's wear the name card of the prosperous common people want to build a super children's center, like Li Dafeng their branding enterprise transformation, the road is not flat, success, whether like humen women's wear, have to wait to be in the future.
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