Humen clothing brands to build and upgrade the humen garment city area

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-11
Will become a major industrial clusters in dongguan humen clothing accessories industry construction, national key industrial cluster, humen garment city into a national key professional market, humen major r&d projects construction to become regional platform service center, regional headquarters and regional creative center, regional brand, fashion information center, regional e-commerce. Construction of dongguan industrial zones and national key industrial clusters. Do promote production enterprise larger, at the same time, all the apparel industry chain link by the concept of industry, including production, sales and supporting, mediation, transportation, hotels and other clothing accessories industry related services include all clothing accessories industry category, efforts to build a clothing accessories in dongguan humen major industrial zones and national key clothing accessories industry cluster, strive for two years to achieve humen clothing accessories industry cluster, more than 50 billion yuan in sales drive dongguan apparel industry cluster over RMB 100 billion yuan of annual sales target. Cultivate the national key professional market. To integrate, intensive management, and communities in integration of 10 square kilometers of market resources, to build and enhance humen garment city the overall brand, vying for national and international clothing market, trying to form south of humen clothing apparel market, north of changshu; Fabirc market KeQiao are north, south have a humen. Humen clothing apparel machinery and electricity. Cultivate clothing apparel brand big cluster. Strive to five-year period, there are 2 ~ 3 brand well-known trademarks in China, there are 10 ~ 15 brand become a province famous brand products, famous brand trademark, the regional brand to exceed 50, strive to continue making the humen pearl river delta clothing accessories area brand center, famous brand name standard incubators, south to send clothing vane, and trends in women's clothing. Benchmarking big nurturing local leading enterprises. Strive for the five-year period, humen clothing apparel enterprises accounted for 15% of total industry enterprises above designated size; At the same time actively encouraged and strongly support a number of industry leading enterprises, strive for 5 ~ 10 companies at 3 ~ 500 million yuan, 2 ~ 3 companies annual output value of 1 billion yuan, encourage in plain group and enterprises, more than ten billion yuan to build international in one hundred. Humen will strive to upgrade infrastructure, improve the business environment, strengthen the market between parallel integration, rational allocation of resources, enhance the level of service and make efforts to the powerful, China's clothing accessories marketing combination, become shopping tourism scenic spot of national 4 a grade, become the center of the pearl river delta clothing accessories regional brand, brand name standard incubators, the south to send clothing vane cradle, women's fashion apparel, clothing accessories market to south has humen, north of changshu. In this comprehensive body, it is to cultivate the humen clothing apparel brand street; The second is to improve traffic and public security environment; Three is to strengthen the parallel connection of several major professional market integration of complementary and mutually promote, driving the development of unity. Vigorously implement the strategy of famous brand drive. Make humen clothing regional international brand, strengthen the humen clothing area brand planning, marketing and management, promoting the comprehensive value of humen clothing regional brand. Encourage enterprises to creating famous brand name label, given to platform, capital, services, etc, will have power, have basic brand gradually develop into the province famous brand products, famous brand and well-known trademark in China. Humen clothing enterprise headquarters base is established. Adopt preferential policies to attract domestic and foreign well-known clothing brand enterprises, industrial cluster and economic center located in headquarters or the contact agency to do the prosperous clothing business center, forming clothing enterprises strive to 5 years with the brand headquarters, clothing accessories, product display and fashion center. Humen town, cooperation with China textile information center, the introduction of national administrative resources, investment of 1. 200 million yuan, the national clothing innovation service centers were set up in the prosperous commercial center, strive to improve the design of research and development of clothing accessories, quality inspection, personnel training, information consulting, sales logistics, financing and so on six big public service platform. This platform mainly includes the national textile fabrics pavilion pavilion, humen textile product testing center, humen clothing design research and proofing production, clothing technology innovation training center, national torch plan dongguan humen clothing design and manufacturing industry base, the new silk road fashion publishing center, e-commerce demonstration base platform, will make major industrial concentration area for humen provided strong impetus, leading to the development of high-end humen clothing apparel industry.
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