Humen clothing electricity development obvious advantages but there are still insufficient

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-10
Humen advantage obviously, for the development of electrical business is a near source to take goods cheap, the second is the government actively for the general electric business enterprise set up various platforms, is advantageous to the electricity enterprises bigger and stronger. 2008, at that time, online shopping has already begun to hot, and considering the humen clothing enterprise is numerous, plentiful transportation cost is low. Someone beside the humen cloth market rent two rooms one hall, buy two computers, built a clothing wholesale website, engaged in clothing wholesale network. Have a sufficient supply of goods as guarantee, his business quickly popular, with annual sales of easily exceed ten million yuan. From entity management to sales in the network, or is engaged in the electronic commerce in the first place, are generally gave humen electric business prospects, this is largely thanks to humen mature industrial clusters, especially large supply base. Some brands have been gone too are traditional offline join strategy, now has electricity, how to coordinate the interactive development of online and offline, many companies feel very tricky. At present main development of humen electricity exists the shortage of the two aspects, the first is the lack of electrical business, humen existing electric business has failed to keep pace with the development speed of the industry, and human resource cost is not low. Second, some enterprises blindly follow suit, leading management concept and system to keep up with rhythm, and this is another factor hindering the development of the humen electrical contractor. Because of electrical business not skilled, follow the electric business enterprise will pay more cost, generally higher than the specialty is engaged in the electricity business enterprise of around 30%. Development of electricity giant cake moment, deceived the humen clothing enterprise, somebody puts forward three Suggestions. One is the enterprise must pay attention to introduction and training of talents. In his opinion be the priority of humen development of electricity. The second is to make the enterprise keep pace with The Times, learn advanced electricity industry management idea. Three is that the government should organize some more electricity enterprise to outside training, also can organize some excellent electric merchants to humen lecture after lecture, improve the comprehensive quality of humen electric business professionals. Humen government already in action, the township government is actively introducing training institutions and excellent electric business, prepare regular free training for humen electric business practitioners. Humen town also not regularly organize some electricity enterprises out of humen, go to study in hangzhou, guangzhou and other places to visit.
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