Humen clothing industry upgrading focus on e-commerce development of clothing

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-11
Humen will build a larger clothing e-commerce base, not only for current scattered within their respective jurisdictions to integrate the electric shop, eliminate fire safety hazards, but to humen village humen and even the whole industry upgrade and upgrading of industrial park provides a realistic model. Before planning, the community entrust a specialized company for market research, real understanding of the humen electronic commerce development present situation, to ensure the feasibility of the base construction and sustainable development. Through the company nearly two months of investigation, formed the humen electronic commerce development present situation investigation report. According to the report, at present, in humen of e-commerce enterprises and individuals have more than 3000, in addition to nearly 300 has entered the prosperous business center of base or relative specification, there are more than 2500 in a scattered disorderly state of survival, at present the electricity is generally through the separate management of lease rental housing and commercial housing, office, accommodation and warehouse more concentrated in one place, and there are serious fire safety hidden trouble. Now our focus is to do the clothing trade this part. Humen clothing production and processing is gradually shift outwards. Humen is built for a shopping mall and not as a production base. Among them, private mansion, convention and exhibition center, to a humen avenue, humen are part of the commerce humen international shopping center. Humen town private building project covers an area of about 39006 square meters, building height of 280 meters, plans to build 70 layers, plans to put into use in December 2013, after the completion of the private building will become a business office, commercial, financial, catering, hotel, square, such as multi-functional large-scale complex, to attract domestic and foreign well-known private enterprises -- and will become a landmark humen leading commercial district. And its opposite planning covers an area of 49240 square meters of exhibition center project in June 2013 after put into use, will advance the humen's exhibition industry to a leap-forward development. In humen town and clothing association many times interview, the reporter can feel every time humen town, the longing for a new exhibition center. If there is a better earlier pavilion, humen clothing should influence degree than this one. With humen clothing speed up the pace of industrial upgrading, the electronic commerce to rapid momentum, quickly become an important force in the humen clothing sales channels. For those routes in the central town of humen village community, through reforming the old industrial area construction of e-commerce base, row the messy business of electronic commerce city, make its dongguan and clothing apparel e-commerce hub in southern China, and become another bright humen clothing business card, this is a very wise choice, for the whole of the humen clothing and other industrial transformation and upgrading, will have a very good enlightenment function. Humen innovation center is currently making great reform, on the one hand, innovation center will be set up national fabric gallery, national testing center, creative designer gallery, humen, guangdong textile institute, such as project, to strengthen the construction of hardware and software aspects; Will also cooperate with alibaba, etc, on the other hand, using e-commerce to improve the humen clothing brand influence. Research shows that, in the private economy, the dongguan apparel industry is one of the pillar industries G D P contribution rate is high. Humen clothing mini, small and medium enterprises are scattered and more, individual development is difficult to become bigger and stronger. Humen clothing industry learn from the advanced areas such as jiangsu, zhejiang, integrate social resources industry, the attraction and cohesion of a batch of specialization, 'new' small and medium-sized enterprises, a means of development. Around jiangsu and zhejiang garment enterprises not only have a public service platform support, has formed a large-scale enterprise alliance, the union share market information, technology and development experience, etc.
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