Importance of a Beekeeper Hat

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-09
Beekeepers' suit is composed of the overall jumpsuit, gloves and the beekeeper hat. There are experienced beekeepers that can do away with the overall jumpsuit and gloves but not the hat. It is a very important protective gear because it protects the beekeeper's face against any possible bee attack. The beekeeper hat protects the face and the eyes which are sensitive to bee stings because they are the most vulnerable area. It is a natural survival instinct for the bees to protect their hive from an intruder. The bees will easily swarm on the beekeeper; if the beekeeper is not wearing a hat or veil it can post potential danger. In choosing for the right beekeeper hat, safety and visibility should be in utmost consideration. There are several types that the beekeeper can choose from. The first type is with a detachable veil. This is handy for the beekeepers because if there is no need to wear veil, it can be detached from the hat. The disadvantage of this type is that there is a slight opening between the hat and veil which can make it easier for the bees to get under the veil. There is also another kind with integrated veil which protects the beekeeper's head. This will provide both safety and visibility. However, the downside of this kind is the material used at the back part of the hat. The flexible material can be penetrated by the bees. The other kind of beekeeper hat is the one that looks hazardous materials helmet type. However, visibility can be a problem with this kind of beekeeper hat. This helmet provides only a small window for the beekeeper to view his hives. The hat is tucked inside the overall jumpsuit which provides better protection. But the lack of ventilation is a big problem which makes it uncomfortable for the beekeeper. A beekeeper hat is usually made of either plastic or fabric. Both hats have advantage and disadvantages. Fabric hats are more comfortable to wear, but would easily wear out. The plastic hat can last longer but can give discomfort to the one wearing it. Plus the fact that plastic hats make the beekeeper looks weird while wearing it. When choosing the right beekeeper hat, the apiarist must decide whether it is comfort or protection that he or she is after. Decision can be based on either of the two, because no particular hat can provide both comfort and real protection.
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