Imported clothing consumption status: electricity tumbled entity shop | industry information | dongguan hai hong yu garment factories

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-03
Implementation measures to increase imports more than half a year, the reporter field research on imported goods market was carried out. More and more pay attention to the price of domestic consumers, for the selection of the imported goods is rational. Clothing imports in the first half of this year, our sales volume is not high, part of importing clothing businesses generally said that the market demand, consumers purchase enthusiasm is not high become poor clothing imports of the main causes of poor sales. The personage inside course of study says, electricity sales model will be imported clothing businesses increase sales channels effectively. Imported clothing business profit low reporters came to the Beijing several large shopping mall and talk to the merchants imported clothing brand, inquired about its sales, businesses generally shook his head said the situation is not optimistic. “ 1 ~ 6 months of this year, our brand clothing sales situation is bad. We mainly engaged in men's trousers, the goods are imported from abroad, consumers to import trousers for buying enthusiasm is not high, as businesses feel the business is very difficult to do. ” Beijing wangfujing Oriental plaza shopping center of an imported brand men's trousers salesman told reporters. “ Compared with the same period last year, this year our brand sales performance is not very optimistic. Past, the state issued a series of policies to increase imports, we imported brand clothing prices fell. After entering into the domestic market, shop rent, labor cost and electricity cost remains high, make the retail price of our product can not be dropped substantially, therefore there are many consumers think import clothing prices high, lost interest. ” An unnamed imported clothing brand shop salesman said with a sigh. “ Sales promotion is a good way to boost sales, but from the point of the sales situation of past but not so ideal. Starting from this year's New Year's day, until June 1 children's day, every day we have launched promotions, discount dynamics is bigger, but did not appear to increase sales, the lack of consumer purchases. Directly affect the amount of the imported goods. The past two months, our store inventory clothing imports is higher, so slow down the speed of new clothing imports. ” The leader of an imported clothing store said. Consumers to purchase enthusiasm is not high recently, the reporter visited the clothing market, random interview for consumers, understand the status of buying clothing imports. “ Pure imported clothing prices are high, remember in April, in the mall, I settled on a dress, import prices are more than 4000 yuan, although very beautiful, the work is also very good, but the price is too high, gave up the purchase plan. ” Ms Yang said consumers. “ Compared with the domestic clothing, clothing imports even in discount, the price is very high. During the May Day I have a crush on an imported brands of children's suit, when the shop assistant said to be the new, only 9 discount, discounted price is 1200 yuan, because the price is too high not willing to buy. June 1 children's day, I came to the same brand children's clothing shop again and found that after the discount price is in 1000 yuan, the price is too high, finally chose to buy domestic children's wear. ” Young mother said ms. “ Clothing imports is has many advantages, such as fabrics is comfortable, the quality and safety, and design is fashionable, the most important thing is that manufacturers tend to focus on the details of the clothing products big kung fu, compared with domestic clothing is more delicate. But the price of imported clothing are usually higher than similar domestic clothing prices, this is also the main reason why many consumers to accept. ” Ms wu said is selecting women's clothing store. Electricity mode can reduce operating costs through visit market, the reporter understands, the market demand become the main factor of restricting imports of clothing sales and imports, retail prices directly affect the enthusiasm of consumers purchase. The personage inside course of study says, in the future, businesses can clothing imports by electricity sales channels to lower commodity prices, so as to improve sales. The reporter understands, compared with the traditional entity shop, electricity, with the advantages of low operating costs, and consumers through online stores to buy imported clothing save time and effort. “ We import shirt is designed to do business, at present there are stores and online stores. More online sales, by contrast, the prices of goods discount strength is higher than entity shop, many consumers are in the entity shop try on to the online store. ” Tmall mall a importing shirt shop owners said.
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