Imported clothing qualification rate of unsatisfactory clothing should pay more attention to quality

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-03
Clothing is our essential, with the improvement of living standards, we may also have more and more high to the requirement of clothing, fashion women's clothing brands abroad may be able to attract our eyes, more some imported clothing as a sign of identity. Also often is the comparison of all, that the quality of the clothing imports also no are can compete with our domestic clothing is? Entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau announced last year clothing imports in the first half of the test data shows that Shanghai port imported clothing not qualified rate is up to 55. 8%. Unqualified products mainly from South Korea, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, etc. Shanghai port imported clothing 11369, value of 2. 200 million dollars. For 5625 goods to implement sampling inspection, sampling rate for 49. Unqualified 5%, more than 3100 batch, percent of pass is up to 55. 8%. Unqualified project mainly involves fastness, pH value, azo dyes, formaldehyde, etc. , imported clothing quality situation is not optimistic. Clothing imports high fraction defective, Shanghai entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau in Shanghai airport, wusong, waigaoqiao and yangshan, airport, seaport comprehensive monitor, focus on strengthening safety and environmental protection inspection supervision of the project, determined to find unqualified products returned or destroyed. It is understood that in the first half of the bureau of special operations to destruct the batch of nearly 79 to detect unqualified in the high-end clothing. Shanghai port has been destroyed by the end of June, around 118 batch of unqualified products, shipped 80 batch. Our domestic exports of clothing is a good state of development: export all kinds of clothing products passed the inspection of 815 in 2011. 080000 ( Set) , the total export value of 7503. 340000 dollars, year-on-year growth of 48 respectively. 02% and 56. 13%. Main exports to the European Union, the United States, Australia, Asia and Africa. The inspection qualified rate of the product could reach 99. 72%. On fabric, accessories and fittings in involving safety, health, environmental protection and special inspection of the project such as fraud, sample inspection qualified rate reached 98. 68%. In addition to the content project, other projects inspection pass rate of 100%. Out of the data can be compared to our country's productivity is greatly increased, the clothing manufacturer's production level will not inferior to abroad, and you can clearly see that our garments can meet the needs of the people's lives, and is cheap, fashionable but also save the cost for you. Today's fashion people think it is their own good, not necessarily is to specify the brand or buy imported. Buy clothes is to buy only a rightness of, don't buy expensive. So may be more suited to the development trend of our future.
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