In addition to the quiet blue and pink spring, summer, and the beauty of these cry your color!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-28
As early as last year, the international authoritative Pantone color organization has released two annual fashion colour - 2016 - - - Quiet Serenity and powder blue Rose Quartz, was introduced and some people think fairy and beauty, but also some people wear giant to show at the two color black! Of course good or show black is each flower into the eye, is in addition to these two kinds of color, there is no other good choice? In addition to the quiet blue and pink, 16 spring, summer, and these color not to be missed! Although 1, vibrant red Spring Festival has passed, but beautiful red still is in fashion in 16 chun xia can't miss you! Atmosphere and flamboyant hue not only allows you to easily become the focus of attention, but also to be able to foil your good color. Need to be aware of is this year popular red should be in tune with a little orange, rather than simply big red. 2, lemon yellow as early in the morning the first sunshine bright eye refreshing lemon yellow is especially suitable for deduction in the spring and summer! And compared to other color, lemon yellow and light color fastens or brunet department seems to be able to perfect match, with different color combination also can produce different effect. , of course, if you think that large wear lemon yellow is a bit too bright, so choose a item with lemon yellow element or lemon yellow bag, also can adorn a bright spot for you ~ 3, pure and fresh, green of the grass sprout out of the earth in early spring to a light green item to do a little fresh ~ pay attention to the green can not choose the color saturation is high, with a little light green, coupled with broken flower or texture, full of feminine temperament of the spring won't be Over again! 4, navy blue than pure black, also can show the effect of thin navy blue is still early spring, a necessary choice for you. Whether high waist suit, One - Piece dress or cape, can decorate a perfect temperament for you.
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