In the market of disposable surgical masks to filter the fog haze?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-04
With the development of the society constantly, air pollution is becoming more and more severe, frequently, fog weather, a lot of places people will wear a mask. However many users like disposable surgical masks, then what on earth can disposable surgical masks are not able to filter the fog haze, shandong anti-fog haze masks below small make up just to simple introduce to the customers. Disposable surgical masks including ordinary surgical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective mask, including medical respirator protection grade is high. It consists of three layer material, the inner is non-woven fabric, the middle for superfine melt-blown polypropylene fibre material layer, outer layer of non-woven fabric or ultrathin polypropylene melt-blown materials; The dawn of the hydraulic filter tiny virus aerosol or harmful dust filtering effect significantly, oily particles blocking, filtering efficiency of air ≧ 95%. Although the filterability of the mask is very good, but it cannot be completely filtering. Because, fog not only contains the oily particles, such as dust, acid mist, dust and cement dust and microorganism; Also contain oily particles, such as, coke oven smoke lampblack, oil mist, asphalt smoke and diesel exhaust, etc. To oily particulate and gaseous chemical, medical respirator can filter out completely. Note that medical protective mask is usually used in the medical environment, is not very suitable for ordinary people to wear in daily life.
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