Independent operation state is more independent and professional clothing wholesale network

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-11
Before working in the clothing wholesale market stalls to help others, never thought I would one day do clothing wholesale online, the archives mouths when business is good, in general is to take the goods the customer is more, most of the local customers and foreign customers to take the goods, of course, is also many, every day is very busy, it's been a very productive day, also have no spare time to entertain foolish ideas. Although at that time there has been a lot of people on the Internet started to do clothing wholesale sales, just at that time or a niche product, oneself also occasionally to buy some things on the Internet, at that time also have sales of clothing for someone else, it's just that the time is to play, feel the fresh thing don't know how long it will fresh, then oneself also is not optimistic about e-commerce, just want to like other things, before the fresh strength that will restore calm. Because our boss doesn't understand the network, so didn't do a piece of e-commerce, to clothing wholesale market with the foreign merchants also relatively much less than before, many customers are now in the online wholesale clothing, saw pictures of their favorite take goods is very convenient, I work also is not so stable, then I guess I often surf the Internet, anyway, I also very like for network, the somebody else all say like things will be serious to learn, to study, I have determined to enter the e-commerce industry, online do clothing wholesale, there is also doing clothing wholesale online at the time, but still relatively few, most people are also to some third party platform to do their own shops to make a deal. In the traditional clothing wholesale market is not good, many clothing practitioners are doing e-commerce, but may still have a lot of people can't work, or is it also take time to learn something new, in the case of make their own archives mouths time is limited, so also let you also open a shop there and took no business and no way to have business. Into electricity in a lot of people don't get a single case, there are a lot of electric business platform also introduced some promotion package, to help some don't understand the operation and does not understand marketing businesses to run, but the cost is very big still, some people may not be willing to the money or is afraid of no effect. Later will have more third-party clothing wholesale platform, and go directly to the archives mouths to talk about cooperation with them, and to a certain extent, to ensure that these businesses after in their platform must be able to receive more than a small number of orders, at the time you are also think this is quite good, also have a lot of people do think that there is no effect after period of time, later also will lose confidence in some third-party platform. Many people think that a third party platform what do not professional, although occasionally can also received a list, but for the manufacturer to get the order of risk is relatively small. In this case the everyone find third-party platform is not very good, but the electronic commerce for clothing wholesale may be tomorrow's sun, solution is to create their own clothing wholesale website, this is a professional clothing site, so relative to the third party platform is much more professional, only the clothing and is your company's independent platform, can control and operation, have what problem can also directly communicate with customer service, this is probably why more and more clothing wholesale network rise in the short term.
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