Industrial dust mask how to choose

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-04
Some people work in a factory, may come into contact with materials such as dust, also have when working in the laboratory, to be exposed to all kinds of harmful gas, and so on, so you need to use industrial dust mask. So the prices of industrial dust mask expensive? What should we choose masks? Small make up then simple introduce you how choosing industrial dust mask. 1, choose cover type industrial dust mask, we chose not to choose disposable masks, because it's a flat rate is quite high. Usually on the market of industrial dust mask cover mouth and nose, cover mouth and nose, chin cover the two kinds of new, you should choose to cover dust cover mouth and nose, chin, it USES up more comfortable. The level of 2, dust mask, dust mask on the market is divided into KN90 level, its protective effect is 90%; KN95, its protective effect is 95%; KN100 level, its protective effect is more than 99%. Choose from industrial dust mask, select level higher dust mask, it can avoid physical damage. 3, the material of dust mask respirator usually have different materials such as rubber, plastic, silicone, dust mask when the choose and buy, the choice of silicone material, because it even wear for a long time, also won't produce allergic reaction, it is not easy to cause facial impression, more comfortable to wear. 4 buy dust mask, mask the size of the time, don't choose the universal masks, because its size is not suitable for everyone, more prone to leakage problems. According to the actual situation, choose suitable for their own masks. 5, using the environment when we buy industrial dust mask, according to the use of the environment, select the appropriate mask, such as work environment is only some peculiar smell, so we can choose to have activated carbon layer of industrial dust mask.
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