Intelligent fever take those traditional market down jacket

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-26
Autumn and winter coming, circle of friends began to popular so a words: there is a cold call you wearing long Johns, and I began to wear coats. These words a little fun, but it is no exaggeration, autumn, winter cold air coming from time to time, make the temperature of your city big diving, especially in the winter came, the bone-chilling cold, we must have a down jacket to keep warm from the cold. But choose a what kind of down jacket has become a fashionable men and women have a headache problem, most people are not willing to wear down jacket that bloated, action inconvenience, modern degree is reduced greatly, not only such, alpine environment homework personnel, to travel to plateau snow mountain, cold area of tour, we went to the old, parents need to be such a down jacket, so both can omni-directional warm, can let a person with a fashion of science and technology type intelligent heating clothing arises at the historic moment. Our company ( Hong yu garment factories) Also want to keep pace with The Times, constantly learning new technology. Amount of autumn winter arrival, smart clothing brands in introduced intelligent heating season, from the initial research and development of high-tech functional clothing for national research team, to develop closer to the common people nowadays intelligent heating clothing. Using the unique development of advanced technology, as well as to the professional research team development experience, the intelligent clothing with real innovation, also combed the messy electric heating clothing market, set a high standard of high security performance fever uniform rules, which won the national 7 patents, and through the MSDS, EMF, CE, ROHS, FCC and other international authoritative institutions for related to the use performance and harmful substances, radiation, electromagnetic fields of safety certification. Based on clothing in the use of technology, or on the design of the function of fashion, lightweight, & other; Smart quantity & throughout; Grasp well, the real & other; Smart clothing & other; The concept, opened a new chapter of Chinese intelligent heating clothing market. Through the understanding of the detail of quantity of smart clothing brand, we can readily find it as a fever, and keep on exterior design is contracted and fashionable at the same time, and the new and high technology content of fever fiber into clothing, intelligent quantity fever take even when not open the heating function keys, its thermal performance is the same thickness of coats of 1. 5 times, when open the heating function keys, clothes heating temperature can reach 45 & deg; ~70° Intelligent temperature control, and it can be third; On other functions, intelligent fever take innovative not only realize the real meaning of machine-washable function, and the health care function also imported into the clothing, the far infrared ray to stimulate blood circulation, improve the activity of human red blood cells, to the elderly, office white-collar joint pain, spinal pain, waist sour backache, etc all have health care function. Have clothing marketing professionals pointed out that quantity of smart clothing brand from the performance of the intelligent science and technology, fashion and warm hands, it can be a very good meet young the favour of fashionable consumer crowd, at the same time it can on the health, health care, and other functions, it can get older, like office white-collar, also in the field of professional outdoor sports continues to play a technical advantage, so get outdoor enthusiasts agree, is able to apply to all ages.
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