International fashion city red grasp internal extension operating time and repair the introduction of international cooperation

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-27
Garment industry in recent years is felt a cold snap, the market situation is not optimistic, many clothing wholesale market has only a slight increase, there may be some market there will be declining performance, has been favored by the industry is no exception, the guangzhou international fashion red city, sales fell by about 10% in the last year. Rising costs in the long run will become a trend, especially with the acceleration of economic transition and structural adjustment, the cost of garment enterprises face pressure will gradually increase. Clothing industry basic bid farewell to the environment of high-speed growth. As the apparel industry to adjust export market and structure so as to adapt to external changes, to strengthen the independent innovation and promote the brand image, improve product added value, improve labor productivity, reduce labor costs. Enterprises should actively to strengthen the innovation of management, increase the way to meet the challenge, don't be afraid of the crisis, sometimes crisis is also opportunity. In addition to transform and upgrade to speed up the pace, to strengthen the construction of brand promotion in the fight against the risk ability, promote the intangible value of the product. Entrepreneurship is everywhere is actually risk, we should consider to the risk consciousness, entrants will be only the enterprise own continuous improvement and to multiple product planning, to have a better ability to resist risks, of course also can draw lessons from foreign successful experience, make enterprise oneself more powerful. Domestic apparel industry bottlenecks, absorb more international red element as a catalyst, continue to promote red nine action hope to boost China's clothing brand product added value. Red nine action is during the financial crisis began, from experienced some businesses don't understand to now full support to participate in actively, greatly enhance the affection between us and merchants. And red nine brought a wider range of trading platform, to merchants to make them on the basis of clothing wholesale increase retail share, at the same time enhance the anti-risk ability of the merchants. Red nine action, to build brand is the key to a red, it makes quickly increased popularity, red with the concept of innovation first night market. Brand, service and operation mode innovation is the core of the clothing market effective future competitiveness, so we will always stick to it, build a broader platform for merchants. The international fashion trend researchers ORIETTA PELIZZARI is a very important business in luxury, fashion, accessories, and marketing and media communication in the areas of exploration and research. Future cooperation will bring China's clothing brand pure international elements such as Paris, milan, London, New York, polish the red 'international brand'. A series of the introduction of international cooperation project is regarded as China's garment industry entrepreneur's behavior, in the battle without smoke, grasp the internal cause, and can repair the development in the tide.
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