Introduce the classification of the clothing clothing manufacturer

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-21
Introduces the classification of the clothing apparel clothing manufacturers is introduced: clothing, it is difficult to find a standard classification was, without controversy is classified by gender points, can be divided into three categories: men's, women's clothing, children's wear, neutral clothes. In the circle, the personage inside course of study is usually not so classification. But is divided into: knitting and tatting knitted garment production speed, difficult to lower than the shuttle. So the price also will be cheaper. Also another important factor in determining that person's clothing costs is a garment accessories, accessories would increase my cost. It is more important at the same time need to pay labor costs. Deserve to act the role of normally is assembled by hand. Not only so long production period and increase the number of unqualified products. Many different kinds of clothes, because the basic form of clothing, variety, usage, producing method, the different raw materials, all kinds of clothing also show different style and features, change myriad, is very rich. Different classification methods, cause we usually have different appellation of clothing. Clothing manufacturers according to the basic form and shape of clothing structure classification, can be summarized as bodily form type, style, type and mixed type 3 kinds. 1. Body shape model clothing is accord with human body shape, the structure of the clothing, originated in the frigid region. This kind of clothing, the general in form is divided into two parts, tops and bottoms. Jacket with the human body chest, neck, arm form fit; Bottoms are in conformity with the shape of the waist, buttocks and legs, give priority to with pants, skirts. Cutting, sewing more rigorous, pay attention to the outline of clothing modelling and main effect. Such as suit fit type. 2. Type style style clothing is loose, stretch cloth covered on the human body, in the form of a clothing style originated in the tropics. This clothing is not constrained by the body's shape, relatively free casual, cutting and sewing process is given priority to with simple graphic effect. 3. Hybrid hybrid structure of the clothing is frigid zone shape and tropical style comprehensive, mixed form, and the characteristics of both cutting adopts simple planar structure, but to the human body as the center, the basic shape is rectangle, such as the Chinese cheongsam, the Japanese kimono.
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