Introduction to brand clothing processing operation characteristics

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-24
The characteristics of the brand clothing mainly includes the following four aspects, clothing factories below small make up to answer questions: a) Brand positioning is a prophetic and variable factors of brand of the future market performance have made according to the thought and framework of brand positioning work is prophetic of positioning, is the inevitable result of ideally obtained. Predicted results have very big concern with the prophet's professional level, the clothing brand positioning the operability of vary from person to person. In the actual operation process, the subjective and objective, especially objective there are many unpredictable index factors, will inevitably affect the ideal state, at this point, the ability to solve emergencies and adjust positioning content is very important. Therefore, garment processing - Hong yu garment believes that a successful clothing brand operation process is constantly overcome and solve the variable factors, make the process of moving ahead due to the mouth. ( 2) Season with timing clothing products particularly strong seasonal feeling, although not fresh goods such as fruits and vegetables as the limit of time, however, apparel goods sell like hot cakes, especially in the first retail sales time is very short, if varieties of goods in a timely manner and whether the goods size is complete, which will directly affect the sales amount. Goods on ark of time can cause poor either early or late. Sales break code or off color is the enemy of. Only all the time and link regulate properly, can make the products reach maximum profits. In addition, make clothing manufacturers the most headaches is the product backlog. Son almost every brand clothing manufacturers have due to slow the backlog of products, will face the problem of how to deal with the backlog of products. Although there are a number of ways for handling inventory, but in what time, what place, choose which kind of way to deal with inventory, its effect is very different. The purpose is to make sales backlog products profit loss to the minimum. ( 3) Normative the evolution of human civilization and human factors, make the human activity produces the behavior and for the two different mode of action. Behavior should be to, is a rational action. The people is to do everything, it is perceptual action. In a team, is a collective identity and behavior factors of fixed content, has a positive and normative sense. Human factors is a reflection of personal subjective will, prone to negative and the result of the chaos. They are a pair of contradictions in the process of management, when the rate of human factors is too big, clothing brand operation will face desultorily, the situation of the road. Therefore, garment processing - Hong yu garment think whether management became a clothing factory whether can complete brand planning. In order to ensure that the desired goals, the brand should operate under the norms of behavior. Clothing enterprise management system is not sound, family-run management phenomenon is the root of the inevitable artificial operation, will weaken and offset the effective force. ( 4) Cumbersome and link to grasp the brand operation is a brand planning report as the action criterion, therefore, the brand operation emphasizes the planning and organization. Theoretically, brand planning can be done very have planned and organized, but the plan implementation process is easy to appear the direction of migration. Although on the surface, apparel products and other industrial products, is a planning, design, procurement, production, sales, as well as conventional link in industrial production, however, because of the apparel industry is labor-intensive industry, its product is the most intimate contact with the human body the humanized products, specific operation there are many very trival small link in the process, these little things will greatly influence the final effect of products, products in the clothing long chain link, it is easy to appear all sorts of problems. Therefore, garment processing - Hong yu clothing that must pay much attention to each link of the control, management grasp the essence of the brand management is the link.
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