Inventory clothing industry is how to produce?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-31
Inventory clothing, is a kind of stock or tail goods. Refers to the clothing manufacturers, clothing dealer, clothing retailers, garment trading company and other clothing companies and practitioners, the rest of the backlog of clothing. Have not sell commercial value but for clothing and temporary warehouse inventory. Inventory form in hong yu clothing factory art is on the basis of previous years the situation of the apparel industry, sort out the formation factors. One, research and development stage of the product no positioning, positioning is not clear or disconnect, positioning and market mostly didn't go to statistical clothing market, thus caused due to the price, style, color, seasonal and regional factors such as the backlog of unsold, and even individual don't understand the stock processing enterprises will collapse consequently. Two, planning stage forecast opening performance and sales is always more than the actual, has sales of clothing and the backlog of inventory proportion serious disorders. Three, in the production stage, the vast majority of clothing enterprises have been caused by high product cost and delivery delay, error estimate customer bear ability, so that the products are less. Four, when because of the wrong strategy and price, can't draw forth customers want them. Five, cargo control stage, same-store sales structure of the product does not reach the designated position, optimized combination and inventory structure is not consistent, very few of the secondary product design, and it also causes best-selling model can become inventory, has not accepted by the market. Six, and other factors, such as don't be adapt to the new market, the idea of sales personnel problems, failed to organize promotion clear stocks, not the long cycle of increasing sales channels and distribution, franchisees, seasonal anomaly, and many other factors.
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