Ishii, tail cargo distribution center is how to take the goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-04
Guangzhou there take goods strategy has a lot of business consulting, especially veterans of the dealer with the many years of experience is very important, the businessman is very helpful for beginners. So at the end of guangzhou ishii goods wholesale market generally how to pick up the goods? Businesses need to pay attention to what? Guangzhou ishii qinfeng textile city ( Tail goods market) Clothing wholesale market to take goods, clothing wholesale market to take goods because it was decided that you haven't done clothing wholesaler business, don't ask wholesalers if goods sell don't come in I can take back a new goods of this kind of problem. Clothing wholesale market is not such a service can be controlled to zero if the business risk, it would all be rich clothing wholesalers have no obligation to assume the risk of stock for you, then let you quote what you have guessed wholesale chamber of commerce, don't expect foreign trade clothing wholesalers bear the freight for you. Many people ishii, tail goods market and the goods not rational, it is easy to look at the goods are very cheap, only a few dollars, take very much, don't consider clothes style is out of date, the fabric? To know clothing when shopping, and to follow the trend. If take a lot of obsolete goods put in the home to sell, estimates the business couldn't be better, and bad reputation shop. Be careful don't woman. she look goods, do not think that is the tail goods market, feeling finishing goods are not good, not careful to look at the goods, this is a very big mistake, actually to tail goods market is more thorough, impossible to put some design is not standard, code number is not allowed, have damaged clothes back to sell, that dress estimates that few people go to buy? Because our purpose is to sell goods, so I have to careful inspection. Tail goods clothing average profit is very low at 3% 5% in clothing wholesale market, general cargo transportation is by car or rail, and buyers are responsible for, on the other side of the wholesale market has a lot of, everybody to want to look for the formal large tail goods market, took the goods pay more attention to the observation, not purchase goods wholesale market, in a hurry to take goods can ask several same goods, ask their price compare which is cheaper in the us to choose. Everyone has their own recipe, however, we sometimes before several contrast may you see the feel better goods have already been away, so may regret, so in a promising stock think the price is suitable for can also win first, so as not to miss this opportunity.
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