Jeans production process flow

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-12
As for the thickness, commonly used denim can be divided into 4. 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13. 5, 14. 5 Ann, etc. 4. Ann is very thin, 5 commonly used to do the summer vest; 14. Ann is very thick, 5 cotton used for winter. Jeans with 8-12 Ann. Will tell from the composition, the cowboy combed and comb, 100% cotton, stretch, Lycra) Good cowboy clothing material is very important, production of denim look all over the country in shandong district is a kind of best quality at the most. Generally loose jeans more some, version also USES mostly flat cutting, playing version of the key point is to determine the size of. And stretch denim ( Including lycra) Has some trouble, this kind of cloth is often used to make personal low-rise jeans, with more than 10% of shrinkage, version to constantly adjust, and wave wrinkle before jeans is the most taboo, demand is tight fit. Nearly two years the rise of 3 d stereo clipping, often need to add more folds at the knee, or a plane, in order to better enhance the activities of the jeans. Finished tailoring sewing jeans also need to be sent through a series of whole process: after washing water, high temperature to finalize the design, local pressure plait, hand wipe, rags and hand the needle folds. Wash water link is the most important, is also the key determinants of quality. Here are by comrade version classify in detail: 1, the garment wash ( 成衣洗水) Garment wash namely ordinary washing, just change the familiar washing in our daily life to mechanization, the water temperature in the 60 ° - Around 90 ° C, add some detergent, after about 15 minutes of ordinary washing, so water softener. Usually according to the length of the washing time and the dosage of the chemicals, garment wash can be divided into light, wash, wash, wash. Wash's purpose is to make the fabric more soft, comfortable, on the vision more natural and more clean. Clothes become soft, add the fabric tissue silicone oil more a little bit of lubrication so feel more smooth. Knead finger will be a little slippery feeling after stamp. Fried said the simplest is to use the stone or rubber ball is mixed with potassium permanganate solution in the washing machine 'together again with the cloth wash' or 'fire'. Results a lot of kinds, the biggest characteristic is fading effect significantly. 2, stone wash/stone mill ( 石洗) Due to some stone wash namely in the wash water in a certain size of pumice, make pumice and clothes grinding, polishing the water level in cylinder clothing to fully soaked in the low water level, to make the pumice well contact with clothing. Can undertake garment wash or rinse before stone mill, also may carry on the rinse after stone mill. According to the different requirements of customers, can use the Yellowstone, baishi, AAA stone, artificial stone, rubber ball, such as washing, in order to achieve different wash water effect, after the wash cloth rendering gray, old feeling, clothes can be mild to severe damage. 3, enzyme washing, 酶洗) Enzyme is a kind of cellulose enzyme, it can be in a certain PH and temperature, degradation effect on fiber structure, make the cloth can be gently fade, tun hair, soft and lasting effect. If can replace stone, stone and or with stones and, often referred to as enzyme stone wash ( 酶石头洗) 。 4, sand washing, 砂洗) Sand wash some more multi-purpose alkaline, oxidizing agent, make a fade after washing effect and Chen Jiugan, if match with stone mill, after washing cloth surface will produce a layer of soft cream white fluff, add some softening agent, can make the fabric after washing soft, downy, so as to improve the comfort of wearing. 5, chemical washing, 化学清洗) Chemical cleaning is mainly through the use of alkali additives ( NaOH, NaSiO3, etc. ) To achieve the purpose of fading, after washing clothes have evident Chen Jiugan, add softener, the clothes will be soft, plentiful full effect. If add stone in chemical washing, it is called a fossil wash ( 化学石头洗) , can enhance fade and wear effect, thus make the clothing strong travel-weary feeling, fossil wash set chemical wash and stone wash effect is set at a suit, after washing, can achieve the result of an imitation of the old and fluff. 6, rinse ( 漂白剂清洗) Is itself into blue or other color fabrics with floating water white but will have a blue background. Because nature is blue or other color to make the clothing has white or bright and soft handle, you need to rinse the clothes, after that in ordinary washing water, heat up to 60 ° C, according to the white color shades, add right amount of bleach, 7 - Within 10 minutes to that color on the board. And then, by a large ( Small) Soda ( Na2CO3, NaHCO3) And to the bleaching residual water in the water, and the bleaching stop completely.
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