Jin east international garment city, guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-08
Jin east international garment city is a professional clothing wholesale market is given priority to with special price garments. Is one of the key project of guangzhou in the next five year plan, by jin east international investment group and guangzhou five industry well-known enterprises jointly formed, wade for education, finance, real estate, hotel services, such as textile and clothing industry, capital strength, has rich experience in market operation and market management, connections, is a solid backing garment city. Jin east international garment city is located in baiyun district of guangzhou ishii street burn gold road in prime locations. The geographical position is superior, qing, guanghua, guangshen, guangfo highway intersection here, convenient. The nearest huangpu, huadu port and adjacent to the baiyun airport with convenient sea and air transport; The next two years in guangzhou all logistics enterprises will be moved in place of qinfeng logistics group of close at hand. Advantageous geographical advantage is bound to bring turbulent flow, jin east also is bound to become a place for gathering wealth! Jin east international garment city covers an area of five hundred mu, the grand scale. The first phase project has been completed and a building area of more than thousand square meters, the location 2000, market allocation has a fire control system, safety monitoring system, broadband network system, luxurious elevator and other modern facilities; Mall beautiful decoration, channel spacious; A nearby plaza, parking lot, shipping center, business center, financial center, catering leisure, residential quarters, school education and other supporting service facilities. There are more than 2000 domestic and foreign merchants in the market, the merchants from all over the country and Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and so on garment industry elite. Market has hair, jeans, leisure, sports, fashion, children's wear, underwear, and other partitions, operating various styles, good quality. At the same time, mainly wholesale, retail is complementary way to attract more consumers. Jin east international garment city in south China, scale, the radiating surface is wide, all varieties of business, the market good equipment, facilities, standardize management, perfect supporting services special clothing trading center. In order to further satisfy the demand of the market and enlarge the influence of the market, the company is investing heavily in succession the second phase, three phase of the project construction, to complete the storage center, business hotel, residential, leisure, entertainment and other supporting buildings, will complete a total construction area of more than a total of more than millions of square meters, the location, make kam international garment city east Asia special clothing trading empire. Bus route: guangzhou station (train station Bus station) Take bus 280 ( Sit 30 stand) (to burn hills, Kam garment city) east Under the station. Walk about 20 meters to jin east international garment city
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