Jinhua clothing wholesale supply of goods stock market strategy

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-29
1. Jinhua yiwu international trade city in China yiwu international trade city area market in October 2001, founded on October 22, 2002 formally put into operation, the market covers an area of 420 mu, building area of 340000 square meters, with a total investment of 700 million yuan, is divided into the main market, manufacturers direct marketing center, commodity procurement, storage center, catering center five areas, a total of ShangWei more than 10000, operations in over 10500 households. On the first floor business class, toys; On the second floor management act the role ofing is tasted; On the third floor management process gifts; Opened on the fourth floor of small and medium-sized enterprises direct marketing center, Taiwan pavilion, east room service for foreign trade enterprises procurement center. Since it opened, it is realized by the traditional trade to commodity exhibition, negotiation, order and the modernization of e-commerce as the main mode of operation of change; The second is to realize the change of the international trade more than domestic trade, merchants 40000 visitors a day, 5000 visitors, foreign commodity foreign trade export rate of more than 60%, more than 90% ShangWei to undertake foreign trade business, products are sold to more than 140 countries and regions; Three is to realize the hardware of the intelligent the market, the market flow, flow, information flow unimpeded, the field installation of elevators, escalators 37 seats, car can be straight, two, three, four layer on the whole market installed more than 13000 broadband network interface, can be found online transactions and information. International trade city area market is shopping tourism fixed-point units designated by the provincial tourism bureau, provincial industrial and commercial bureau awarded the title of the province's first 'five star market'. 2. Jinhua yiwu garden clothing market in yiwu in clothing market is located in yiwu is the most bustling embroidered lake garden business circle, total market covers an area of 1 yiwu international trade city garden clothing market in 17 acres, a total construction area of more than 42 square meters, with a total investment of 1. 4 billion and put into use in April 2011. In garden clothing market positioning for professional clothing market, in line with market internationalization, the brand, the development trend of diversification, is beneficial to yiwu clothing market competitiveness, promote the development of specialization, scale. For optimizing industry layout, strengthen the competitive power, highlight the scale advantages and highlighting market opportunities, in garden 1 - clothing market Men's fifth floor layout. Leather; Women's clothing; Children's clothing; The cowboy. Trousers; Pajamas, woolen sweater, sportswear, shirts, a total of five categories. Yiwu in garden clothing market in addition to the barracks area, as well as a four-star business hotel. Market main body has eight floors above, in addition to the 6 layer used in food and beverage, parking and auxiliary office and commodity exhibition, the rest are all jurisdictions. Yiwu in garden clothing market have been identified by the same floor multiple business category layout: on the first floor from condensed state road side, as trousers class, from the riverside road side, as the cowboy classes; From condensed state on the fourth floor to the riverside road sports clothes, pajamas, woolen sweater in class. 3. Jinhua yiwu guest king clothing wholesale market China small commodity city guest king was completed opened on November 29, 1995, for the Chinese small commodity city of one of the three main market group. Market in 158 is located in yiwu bin wang, covers an area of about 209 mu, building area of 320000 square meters, the five trading bloc and the international trade center in six sections, has more than 9000 ShangWei, employees 20000 people, mainly engaged in garments, knitted underwear, neckties, wool, towels, bedding, leather, textiles, lace, fusi, dried fruit, candy, nuts, groceries, furniture and other 16 industry products. The market first-class hardware facilities, fire safety and electricity and water supply system is perfect. Is equipped with three control center, fire fighting equipment more than 58 Set) And dry powder fire extinguishers and other supporting facilities more than 10000 only, Set) , including fire control facilities using the intelligent fire alarm control system, intelligent muscle smoke alarm system, automatic sprinkler system and water curtain separating system; Power supply facilities using double circuit system, there are 10 kv high with 2, 75 sets of other major facilities. 4. Jinhua yiwu constant horse clothing wholesale base, yiwu constant horse clothing co. , LTD. , yiwu is one of the biggest brand clothing inventory tail cargo base, the company main warehouse 4000 square meters, stable stock 100000, each big inventory wholesale market have stores, brand sale throughout the country, enjoys a reputation throughout the country; Company strict and efficient management, long-term cooperation with major brand manufacturers, low price, design more advantages; We specialize in modern management, from distribution, incomplete exchange processing, delivery, follow-up replenishment are make you satisfied and we are your strong backing! Paragraphs 200000 2015 men down jacket is the arrival of the goods, support 100 batch, support a undertakes to support retail, a large number of network proxy.
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