Korea all the clothes together and technology driven Internet companies such as baidu alliance

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-23
“ Open experience is more important than the open source! ” Facing the technology driven plunged representatives of Internet companies, as well as the industry 500 + technology, jingdong technology, dean of the school of arjuna said. On December 19, 2015 in Beijing national convention center, by the institute of technology and the mass of jingdong technology institute jointly promoted China's Internet technology alliance announced formally established. Baidu, tencent cloud, Korean clothing s driven 50 technologies such as Internet companies to become the founding members. According to the industry, and other Alliance will not only all gathered together, the logo will be China's TOP technical people gather together. ” Technology driven plunged Internet companies gathered in an alliance on December 19, 2015, Beijing national convention center. In technology driven plunged the Internet enterprise delegates, the testimony of 500 + technology, the industry, the Chinese Internet technology union ( 互联网技术联盟,简称ITA) ” Announced formally established. The technology alliance by jingdong technology institute and the joint advocacy group institute of technology, first joined the alliance members are technology driven plunged Internet companies, including: baidu, Korean clothing, Letv, drops, millet, dangdang, qihoo 360, where to go, hungry, home, travel, ctrip, 58, tencent cloud, seven NiuYun storage, qingyun, UnitedStack, listen to the cloud, flying every network, market network, UCloud, AppCan, haier electric business, the business day by day, new Oriental, zhengda group, kingdee middleware, meizu, AdMaster, ThoughtWorks, DaoCloud, cheetahs, etc. “ Open experience is more important than the open source! ” Launch site in the day, in addition to nearly 50 members on behalf of, the industry has witnessed the union together set sail away. And took part in the ceremony of the union together after the first phase of technology sharing activities! One of the sponsors of the alliance, jingdong technology, dean of the school of arjuna said at a league start ceremony, technology alliance is committed to build China's TOP Internet companies most effectiveness of technical communication between the r&d team, will inevitably become the technology and the service platform of IT frontier technology research. In his view, the alliance brought together a group of people in the enterprise, the heart to the industry elite, hope that through peer learning exchange between alliance members, enhance the competitiveness of the core technology and influence in the industry. And that, & other; Open experience is more important than the open source! ” Alliance sponsors, director liu jiang Meituan institute of technology, says & other; China's Internet technology alliance is the collection technology driven enterprise top r&d personnel, bring the industry technical content of the highest quality. And these exchanges and collisions between top researchers, also will be a lead China's Internet technology on the engine. ” League secretary-general Xie Gong said that in 2016, members of technical experts, ten thousand will be held every week online technology class, held every month 300 + people line of high quality technical Open Day. And, to be selected in 50 + alliance member's TOP 200 technical issues and lecturer, hold a 10000 + people at the end of the year's TOP technology conference, all activities are free! Promoted in sharing & other; Become China's Internet technology alliance founding member, we will face the members free to share, to create mutual promotion, improve the overall level of China's Internet technology. ” To join the alliance after the plan, all the clothes Ma Jinkai, director of the technical committee said. As architecture, chairman of the committee in the alliance Ma Jinkai said that Korea is garment shed as a technology driven plunged the Internet enterprise, has the strong technical development capability and problem solving ability. The original & other; H series & throughout; System, namely the HOMS system and HWMS and HSCM system, double in the last 11 lead, show a strong power. The branded these systems & other; H series & throughout; , are in Korea are initials & other; H” To identify. Ma Jinkai explains, among them, the OMS is called the order management system, WMS is a warehouse management system. Consumers in Korea clothing Tmall flagship store shopping, click on the confirmation, the order will be sent over the network to the Korean clothing. The two systems is responsible for download orders, process orders, consolidated orders, let the parcel in the shortest possible time accurate to reach customers. Experienced a single brand operation, brand operation and brand incubation platform stage, Korea is the clothes of the strategic upgrade for Internet fashion brand ecosystem, relying on taobao, Tmall, jingdong comprehensive e-commerce platform, such as through & other; Korean clothing throughout s + &; Mode, Internet brand docking, the traditional off-line brand, manufacturing factory, entrepreneurial teams ( When a guest) And overseas brands, provide flexible supply chain, IT systems, storage and customer service system, strategic, financial, personnel and other aspects of the support. And among them, in order to Korea clothing information center as the main body of the IT systems, as the pillar of the Internet fashion brand ecosystem system, provide solutions geared to the needs of society and technology output.
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