Lanzhou city, gansu province of clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-11
Some people have been curious lanzhou in gansu province have clothing wholesale market? Actually I also don't know the situation over there, but online search found on the other side of the clothing wholesale market is quite many, east of lanzhou has very few clothing wholesale market mainly include: the eastern clothing wholesale market, east brand clothing wholesale market, east bags wholesale market, east footwear wholesale market, east underwear wholesale market, east leather wholesale market, east cowboy clothing wholesale market, alongside other open Chen 'famous brand and expansion of a few wholesale clothing wholesale square square. 1. Lanzhou brand clothing wholesale market in lanzhou turtle pond turtle pond mouth mouth brand clothing wholesale market is located in lanzhou city, gansu province municipal district section of beach turtle pond with commodity markets, 'model building industry, to create the national first-class market' are persistent belief and unremitting pursuit of the market, to have built a regional influence and the modernization of industry dominance of wholesale market. Fish pond mouth brand commodity wholesale plaza is located in the northwest of transport hub & # 8212; In lanzhou, lanzhou east economic circle, is apart from the longhai railway train station 3 kilometers, is apart from the 312 national highway and highway entrances 0. 5 kilometers, the new bus station in the east, the south eastern clothing wholesale market, north lanzhou high-tech development zone, adjacent to the west and 'eton motels' dependency, and into the east hills, east road, 22, 106, 75, direct marketing, provides the customers with the traffic convenience, the square and the surrounding environment is very superior traffic. 2. East of lanzhou integrated wholesale market in the eastern market is by our chengguan GongXing pier township five shop village owned establishment and management of the large-scale comprehensive commodity wholesale market, in August 1986 formally completed, 1992 provincial and municipal government has listed the construction, one of the key project of lanzhou commercial center is in lanzhou city's first fully enclosed, all-weather comprehensive wholesale market. The country 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 5000 state-owned, collective, private and individual dealers operate instruction. Daily admission traders 3 - 50000 person-time, holiday to 8 - 1 O million people. Market is mainly engaged in clothing, shoes and hats, department stores, hardware, needles textiles, bedding, silk fabrics, cosmetics, leather goods, toys, stationery and other 20 categories of more than 20000 varieties. Since 2002 the eastern market focus on implementing 'reengineering' in the east of a plan. This plan is not a pure old house demolition and reconstruction and area is expanding, but contains a with modern logistics, modern marketing as the core of system engineering and modern facilities. Overall planning scheme is the 'ten six city hall big four' layout. 'Ten hall' : children's clothing, fashion hall hall, shirts, pants, hall hall, small hall, clocks, luggage hall hall, stationary, cosmetics hall hall, knitwear hall; 'Six city' : shoes city, garment city, small articles of daily use, electronics store, leather city, city comprehensive commodity city; 'Four' : a leisure shopping square, two dedicated parking lot, a large underground car park. Completed the planning and construction, planning a total investment of 500 million yuan, total planning covers an area of 60 square meters, the business area will reach 440000 square meters. 3. Square east of lanzhou lanzhou east clothing brand brand apparel wholesale plaza is located in the famous lanzhou east business circle center area, it is the national first-class, the northwest's largest indoor professional brand clothing wholesale market, and the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, average daily traffic of 300000 person-time, become a radiation northwest five provinces, connecting enterprises and domestic clothing brand market wholesale distribution center. East of lanzhou brand apparel wholesale square have first-class shopping environment, strict management system, good reputation. Company capital strength, belonging to a guarantee company to merchants to provide liquidity loan guarantees, more than 2000 domestic and foreign brand manufacturers directly into management, constitute the brand clothing sets, green, with circulation center. Scale, brand, market goods for more than 20, one hundred million yuan, clothing prices range from ten yuan to thousands of yuan of brand clothing to meet the different levels of consumer demand. 4. Eastern lanzhou sweater accessories city east sweater accessories city brand assemble, erdos group, trillion jun, heng yuan, poem, pure love, sanli, weft flying, jeep, sweaters and so on dozens of domestic and international brand woolen sweater its many products material quality, the quality of soft, comfortable, color rich and noble, bold and jump, highlight personality, creating fashion, its rich and innovative design, unique and fashionable design, the pursuit of classic, unique taste, suitable for all ages, let the most captious people also can't refuse, to raise the winter warm. Reshipment, expanding industry structure adjustment, brand promotion, environmental transformation and function expansion. Eastern sweater accessories city after a big 'beautiful makeup', reshipment, a whole new provide consumers with more abundant goods shopping heaven is about to appear in front of people, a professional sweater inside and outside and repair jewelry stores are emerging, a brand new sweater accessories carriers is set sail. Eastern refurbished sweater accessories city has become a fashion to wage base, popular gathering intelligence. Numerous merchants have already won the success and wealth from here. Flow of goods from here every day with the eastern sweater accessories city people spread to the entire northwest market hot love.
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