Liaoning haicheng nishiyanagi tail goods wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-03
Nishiyanagi clothing wholesale market is located in haicheng county, liaoning province nishiyanagi town, is located in the south of liaoning, the northern end of the liaodong peninsula, in shenyang, dalian, anshan, yingkou city center, 10 km from haicheng city, has a unique geographical advantage, in shenyang - dalian highway, railway, has a long trench railway nishiyanagi freely crisscross, taoxian airport, dalian, yingkou port in close proximity, such as more than 154 passenger and cargo transportation line access across the country, more than 450 passenger train back and forth, cargo throughput of 800000 tons per year. Nishiyanagi clothing market is divided into 12 area, every area and six points in buildings. But not all in the business, there are a lot of unused area. Area: upstairs, trousers, Nishiyanagi property more pants) Downstairs, the east one or two clothing textiles, three to six buildings, shoes two area: upstairs, cheaper menswear + women's clothing, knitwear, downstairs east in a building, no. 2 building, bedding & # 8211; Building 6, male, female, children's underwear and socks three areas: upstairs, women's clothing, Small unlined upper garment, sweater, men and women to pack more and more younger more clothes) Downstairs, cloth five areas: upstairs, children's clothing six areas: upstairs and downstairs: women's clothing, Nishiyanagi property + loading, some older clothes) Seven areas: upstairs, men's wear, Is also a pack + nishiyanagi property) Downstairs, cloth, eight area: downstairs, adorn article, small area: ninety downstairs, bedding area: upstairs, downstairs, trousers, Put some more) Twelve areas: children's clothing looking for foreign trade tail goods must still ten district street 'foreign trade'. There tail goods absolute but flaws, you have to choose carefully who don't believe. If you want to package insert documentary, the kind of day that is now more popular single Korea, flawless or ten area, but in the area and ten area direct outlets. Several are have big brand of foreign trade on the second floor. Can be seen from the above introduction the clothing wholesale market are high, the inside of the goods is what all have, should be a one-stop shopping all goods, it should be more than a lot of building wholesale group, tail goods also have specialized wholesale area, if there is with tail goods can go to the relative area with the goods, but I think still can go to the, maybe you can find other good?
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