Long T-shirt with free and easy to let you reduce age thin

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-29
Hot summer want to let oneself always relaxed and agile, there must be a T-shirt of cultivate one's morality, close skin natural fabrics, make your skin in a comfortable state at any time, and sexy design let you wherever that show hilum is focus, hot girl necessary sheet is tasted well this summer. Smoke grey stripe T-shirt dress is of great academic breath, match the same color long sleeve T-shirt or sweater, the optional draped over the shoulder, comfortable and fashionable. Add brown square inclined shoulder bag or backpack restoring ancient ways is very suitable for, of course the eye-catching red lip is essential. Wide stripe dress more atmosphere and relatively thin, the design of cocoon type also is very fashionable, and can be a very good got-up figure. Red color matching is very tender and sweet, absolutely is the preferred stripe color matching oh, because black and white color matching is really too bad street. Match a personality hat more lovely, like the girl can try oh. Summer girls wear hot pants is also very common way to wear, super short hot pants not only can show slender legs, also have to mention. Simple design and super long T-shirt short shorts between collocation can also manifest the hip-hop, plus a loose boots, the queen style immediately show come out, if the United States eyebrow wanting to try this style collocation, long T-shirt also can have very good effect. Both long sleeve and short sleeve must abide by a principle, the T-shirt must meet the narrow on wide below narrow or below wide, can reflect the fashion and beautiful feeling. Tops the T-shirt if there is a stack of feeling fit and pencil pants can show the girl clever side, also can highlight slender leg line, and all show simple lovely youth. Long T-shirt is one of common tees in single wear, under a long T-shirt garment missing, show slender legs. Can not only highlight the leg length of leg ministry line, also can let the person feel slightly relaxed. Very suitable for stomach with meat and legs slim girls. Relaxed and comfortable with a pair of shoes, travel holiday all hold. More leisure type long T-shirt style, can go out also can be a magic house coat t-shirts, skirts, long version of the type of upper body really good solid wear design, convenient and so this kind of skirt long T-shirt favored by many people. Spread out the fork under such designs are Fried chicken show thin. Loose cuffs design no bondage, wear very comfortable also, inside the home go out wearing also is very fashionable style. And long T shirt skirt have a crossover design at the waist, this is also a design element that is very popular this year, this kind of long T wear special have feminine taste again at the same time convenient to wear off, comfortable breathe freely so also more and more such T-shirt dress design.
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