Look at women's clothing factory dongguan each workshop hard jobs list

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-04
Network heat transfer of Internet industry don't lack most is 996, and our textile clothing industry is need a lot of people. Garment workers said the envy we do clothing are & other; 817' The early work at 8 o 'clock, at 11 PM go off work, every week there day and night, seven days a week to eat live in the factory. Dongguan hong yu garment co. , LTD is a enterprise, as long as the emphasized clock in attendance, discipline, tightening welfare, must have been when it began to decline. So if the benefit is not good, and enterprise management is not to find real reason, just thinking about how to grasp the staff management, performance management burden, increase came to let employees on the job burnout li and xu, were forced to quit. Same as textile and clothing industry strength, staff liquidity is big also, now officially on the post after 90, 95 after the young worker often unwilling to enter the textile mills, young blood into this & other textile; The setting sun & throughout; Industry. 不。 10 garment factory office assistant is a key word and other office clerk; Odd jobs & throughout; , mental and physical strength must be enough to deal with the boss, deal with colleagues, in addition to their job, but also free when part-time, calculate the salary, to get material, urged the payment for goods, avoid got mine. 不。 09 production factory production factory director who say? Rights are a lot of pressure is not small, material cannot little, the goods time not later, plan to do, management must be fast! No dark during the day, something you get in the factory, people don't live, ghost not ghost, tired not like production factory director, like grandson. 不。 08 the pattern master heart to spirit, hand to qiao, better work, sat fast, to know hundreds of samples like cut method, there is no more than 78 years of effort, how dare the pattern master! Work very carefully, the pattern cut a bit wrong, customers can interrogates the factory to the west. 不。 07 packing workers it's & other; Thin, miscellaneous & throughout; Line of work, the head cut off, the oil must be cleaned and tags to hang up, plastic bags have to hold up, face the mountain of clothes every day, repeat the procedure of the machinery, neck acid, the body uncomfortable, mainly is the salary is not high! 不。 06 listened workshop director is a director, the actual is back pan, few things, things will be ready for the pot. Workshop tour, to control the quality, to hire outside, who was called don't bird he, right-hand man: no, only their hands, bitter ah, the heart is bitter TouTouDe. 不。 05 years accumulative total lab workers, can pull the cloth around the earth, before is artificial, lab staff in running a marathon every day, the body is good, mainly methods very well, biceps is very developed, chest muscle has been strengthened. Since the automatic machine, lab workers to collective learning, learn not to be eliminated, heart. 不。 04 workshop leader to say big, sesame, say, small is not small, not very embarrassed, mass production to catch together, combine, both hands to hard. Up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog, and wages rise, ChengChengCheng grow older. Employees bad tube, can not, scold not, next to understand on the expression of eyes. To low wage employees crazy, production didn't go up, the director of the crazy, why get hurt of always I? ! Cry. 不。 03 in very hot, big iron very hot, very hot all like malatang, no matter how hot outside, very hot furnace must be able to touch, keep the big stove, bare arms, sweating heavily every day, month didn't have enough money to spend, the salary should be proportional to sweat, in the hot, hot. 不。 02 parking more NuoNuo nest tree, parking is a day's work & other Sit & throughout; , day and night, all the year round to sit, boo, bottom flat, or bent, leg also thick, every day, with the eye eyes follow scissors, beauty also spent, legs hemp, not months, spent money and not enough. 不。 01 clothing factory boss garment factory boss, a word of the year after year & other; Sorrow & throughout; , if say three words, & other; Sorrow! Sorrow! Sorrow! ” 。 Order not to be sorrow, order comes, blossoming smile before the laughter and profit, shipment and sorrow, to ensure the quality of the order, the goods time for replacement, management to grasp, there are a bunch of details to box of shipment, every monthly inventory goods, do a few years down, lose more, earn less glamorous when strangers looked at his boss, actually don't know if I secretly your spine has been bent. So, don't have to say to the boss at the aggrieved, in fact himself very suffer every day. Orders are getting smaller, lower and lower profit, more and more difficult to recruit workers.
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