Lotus pond to move all the merchants reminiscing about history

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-13
Every clothing wholesale market has many stories, there are a lot of is the merchant's growth history, they are on the market, possesses a feelings, and in the chengdu lotus pond to move, there will be a lot of businesses are thinking of them in this market growth course of struggle and 27 years history in the lotus pond will move on Friday, despite early psychological preparation, in the practice for many years the merchants to the hustle and bustle wholesale market for many years or reveal said goodbye. Some businesses are moving to the international trade city business, and some people have already signed an agreement, three years later will return to face a new pond. Someone borrowed 2500 yuan from relatives and friends there patchwork clothing wholesale business. How time flies, flash over the past 21 years, dolls are big now, he is coming to the shop business. Some people were still doing business work in iron 2 bureaus wife go to the pond, then found out more promising, then later resigned to the lotus pond and wife together to sell clothes. Looking back now, when the iron rice bowl smashed is courage. Lotus pond let me live a day earlier, car, house has now! Others don't know anything at that time, in the market place a stall selling shovel. Goods can't take more, smile to say, a code of dress only dare to take a! Slowly understand after rent shop business. Also has a lot of people came to big business in chengdu from their homes, they are all the profound feelings of chengdu, has developed a lot of people came to chengdu, after their own home based in chengdu, also facilitate future stability good show. Lotus pond in the 1980 s also called red flower Nian. Invested by chengdu city industrial and commercial bureau in 1986, listed on the lotus pond in chengdu specialized in safflower Nian settled in consumer goods wholesale and retail market. Through traffic convenience, the crowded train station, lotus pond around quickly developed, from a large clothing, shoes, small articles of daily use, stationery commodity wholesale market. Chengdu lotus pond market scale, efficiency had been among the top of the western market, 'top' in the country's seventh in the market. Here a batch of another batch of millionaires, but in recent years, traffic, such as fire prevention facilities of the old market limitations, seriously hindered the development of the market. Along with the advancement of north to engineering, 3 years after the new lotus pond market will just on the site. These businesses are temporarily moved to another place to do business, and new markets such as reform are to come back here after operation.
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