Ma father said: pure electric business era is over! So, tao brand clothing how to realize self-help in 2017?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-23
Ma father said: pure electric business era is over! , it seems, in the last year web celebrity electricity model of mature period, double tenth a refresh again trading records, electricity continued & other; Prosperity & throughout; , however prosperity also does not cover many online clothing of the loss of electricity, this year only Korea all the clothes of women's top 10 shekels a list, before double tenth of a master list & other tao brand; Pomp & throughout; Not at, and terrible, can't see the future for the brand can rise again. Facing the double pressure of malaise, lead to tao brand anymore. First take a look at tao brand concerns, the flow dividend is not. Tao brand is the product of taobao flow dividends, with early taobao seller's market advantage, by creating a few hot style, with high quality at a lower price, the seller is likely to create a new brand. But now flow dividend disappears, guest costs soar, each get a new user, businesses will pay a heavy cost. As for foreign, more for brand was choked, is a net positive these traditional manufacturers. Traditional brands before not electricity, but now many big brands have electricity as the important development strategy, as a result of the traditional brands have brand recognition and brand essence, as long as prices are slightly adjusted, teaching for the brand to be few minutes. These so-called malaise is not the most terrible news, the most terrible is that the future trend of consumption, consumption upgrade is the general trend of the future, without the brand essence of tao brand is unlikely to be abandoned for the first batch of object. Now, the severity of the problem is obvious, many businesses have begun the difficult & other; The road to save & throughout; , ma & other; New retail concept & throughout; For a lot of people out of the time, just pointed out the direction - Is offline. But towards the offline all problems can solve for the brand? Hong yu garment factories that cannot blindly rush to offline, Mr. Ma's & other; New retail concept & throughout; , also is the best online concept, based on the living space is unique, there must be different from traditional mature brand core competitiveness, must be differentiated into competition.
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