Maintenance and cleaning of knitwear

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-29
Clothing suppliers & ndash; Knitwear and maintenance tips: sweater should adopt the way of them after washing, hang in a dry ventilated place, and should adopt the way of flat to dry, and according to the true colors of clothing to avoid deformation. Knit wear for a long time, some parts of the play will grind the shine. This usable vinegar and half water spraying the mixture, then washing, can restore the same. Black white sweater to wear for a long time will slowly. If the sweater in the fridge frozen for an hour or so after cleaning, dry it and remove clean like new. Clothing suppliers & ndash; Knit cleaning: 1, use water to wash sweater, not only can clean dust clean, also can make it do not fade, prolong service life. 2, knitting clothes before washing, racket to the dust in the cold water soak 10 to 20 minutes, take out the drain water, gently scrub in the detergent solution or soap solution, then rinse. In order to guarantee the colour and lustre of wool, can be in the water drip into the 2% acetic acid ( Vinegar can also) 3, to neutralize residual soap white knit wear long black will gradually. If the sweater in the refrigerator frozen for 1 hour after cleaning, take out to dry, white as new. If it's dark sweater stained with dust, sponge after water drain are available, and wipe gently. Clothing suppliers & ndash; Knit how drying: note: avoid by all means use clothes hang, it only made long clothes sweater. Can adopt two methods: 1, should avoid exposure to sunlight, it will destroy its luster and elasticity, make its become yellow and black. Sweater should be used after washing them, put in ventilated dry place, best flat and in accordance with the true colors of clothing to avoid deformation. Can also avoid ironing. 2, if you can't place best on a net inside them. But that there might be a little shrink yo. Clothing suppliers & ndash; Sweater pilling? Actually, knit wear there will always be friction, and fiber in the fabric will be loose in the movement, are intertwined, be knead into a knot, wool ball. First of all, when the choose and buy, should pay attention! Weaving do manual work is delicate, generally speaking, a needle, the fine yarn, tightness of coarser needle, coarse yarn, loose structure of knitwear not easy pilling. Feel is close not puffy. When spinning, manufacturer to make yarn soft, spinning line twist to relax, such fibers have caused relatively little looser, sweater, when the friction, the short fibers will be easy to slip out from the yarn, form a ball. Just twist tight, pilling phenomenon is less, but the sweater feel will be harder. Some of the thickness of the thin. Thin sweater mostly flat single unlined upper garment, needle density loose, easy to pilling. And thick point mostly siping idling, needle tightly, ring density fibers held together tightly, after the friction yarn by fiber from yarn slippage in relatively less, is not easy pilling.
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