Mask can prevent PM2. 5?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-06
“PM2. 5 particles is very small, strong penetrability, and market selling masks materials resolution them in isolation from the tiny particles, the role is very limited. 'Peng should be said, at present the city road selling so-called' PM2. Three primary 5 mask ', is a gauze mask, this kind of filter material power is low, it for PM2. 5 there is almost no isolation effect. Second, activated carbon masks, this mask to add a layer of activated carbon, adsorption gas data, it is able to minus some peculiar smell, for example, announced erosion material odor, etc. , but did not significantly add to the protection of particulate matter. Third, surgical masks, divided into medical disposable masks and N95 mask, in comparison, the N95 masks and haze effect more ambitious, but it's also fine particulate matter can not be completely 'out', this is because the city air pollution is too much, can't completely to ensure that the mask and face when people wear, dropped its protection practice. Under what conditions it is necessary to wear a mask? PM2。 5 in the air, a few PM2. 5 will not impact on the human form, we also don't be afraid, can refer to the meteorological department to release the air quality condition choose what time wearing a mask, in the present yellow or orange alert, the PM2 haze. 5 index higher conditions outside, probably choose N95 mask. Masks filter suspended particles, the higher power, breathing more effort, long-term wear simple rendering of oxygen, bosom frowsty, such as status, if you want to wear N95 surgical masks, time shoulds not be too long, or aged, people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, in particular, probably pay attention to, once feel uncomfortable, quickly. Masks of air isolation is very big also, let's breath comprehend repeated into the respiratory tract, is have effect on well-being, wear for half an hour will be off for a change of air. In order to ensure the protection of masks, to maximize the wear against the skin, change once every two days.
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