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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-23
Determination season, when many people travel by bike with known as dustproof, warm all sorts of names such as a mask. Travel time at low temperature wear masks for rhinitis, asthma patients can have very good heat preservation effect, if catch up with the heavy fog weather, condensation in the air harmful particles such as dust, smoke more, wearing masks can also be effectively isolated from them and the human body, prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases. But wear masks to size should be moderate, to wear to cover your mouth and, nose and eye socket after most of the area under the advisable, too big or too small not appropriate. Can use mask is also a double-edged sword, good beneficial to human body, if use undeserved, can also backfire. First is wearing masks should vary from person to person, and wear time also has exquisite, low temperature can be appropriately to wear warm, when the temperature is high, should enjoy the fresh air; Second is to distinguish the face of positive and negative of masks, wear don't wear will be positive (when On the nose and mouth side) Took a fold away, don't hang around the neck, the more don't wear the opposite, because opposite exposed, stained with dust, bacteria, and the human body after contact easy these harmful substances through the nose and mouth breathing, damage to human body weight loss. And for a few more mask, best wash in English along with ( With a change at a time) , when washing, available scalding water for 5 minutes, then scrub with soap and clean water after exposure to dry in the hot sun.
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