Master of clothing take goods should be more independent and adventurous

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-24
We all know that clothing novice pick words don't be too independent, because their eyes sometimes is not unique, style was wrong pin. And master clothing is different, after years of garment business can say to the clothing is very understanding, which goods can sell like hot cakes may have their own opinions, so at the time of purchase should be more believe in yourself, have their own ideas, not by wholesalers and don't know how to replenish onr's stock, you don't know what should take goods, in fact, sometimes it is what you have wanted to good goods, but the businessman recommended additional money also is pretty good, if have decided to take the paragraph which take how many quantity will make you a headache. Took the goods entered the sales staff enthusiasm, the selling of which single rates were particularly high, good wish a let you take all his goods, finished home a hang, good is good, the bad is a heap of, again a sell out everything, good is that a few bad don't move, began to head? A replacement it's difficult to say, maybe get a bunch of things come back again. There is another kind of circumstance is that the around that look, look at the good which is the point, that grasp two results come back, he found the poor have a style, too many examples do not say, I want to anyway for beginners, should be v. endless misery. When we go to replenish onr's stock, especially strange archives mouths look yourself what is what, not bothersome so much. Directly to see what they look and asked prices take goods, don't listen to sell so many employees, if they can push things look really, less take part back to try, actually we don't to make those who steal goods stalls, even good things, may not be suitable for you to sell, if it is suitable for you to sell, you are a new customer, you may not get the good stuff, not find a suitable time to look at their house, if you do good things, the second day morning to rob is not too late. Must cooperate well when we go to pick pockets, bag how many money must first the design of special needs, first order, don't you then ordered some other style to go with the need of time only to find the money. Stock style must remain the same, when some styles not accord with the store style as far as possible into again, replenish onr's stock don't blindly, only in this way can we into the good sales of clothing style.
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