Meijia international garment city, guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-09
Meijia international garment city is located in panyu chung town, covers an area of about 22. 6 square meters, a total construction area of 320000 square meters, owns eight large theme malls and a large central garden, more than 2000 parking Spaces, more than 20000 square meters of logistics zone. Is the volume larger clothing specialized market in south China. Meijia international garment city on both sides of things is broad old and new, 105 national road, close to the doctor mountain forest park to the south, northeast meet national 5 a grade scenic spot chime-long tourist resort, and adjacent to the railway station - — Guangzhou south railway station. Seamless docking beijing-zhuhai, guang qing, guang hui, guangshen high speed, wide guangfo, zhao, nansha, south China fast quick, xinguang fast highway network, etc. Is extremely advantageous geographical location, traffic is very convenient. And try the grand industry is building A meijia international garment city, is A building area of 42000 square meters, A total of three layers, altogether has about 2000 shops, now already all rent out, most merchants has been renovated and is opening. Meijia international garment city launched a variety of five-star service, let into businesses have no trouble back at home. Such as financial services, meijia international garment city and several big Banks reached a cooperation agreement, the customer from approach can enjoy the perfect one-stop financial services. Comprehensive logistics services, meijia through layer upon layer of partner selection, choose the with the domestic famous guangzhou road is logistics company strategic cooperation, 20000 square meters of logistics zone, professional logistics team, to provide domestic and international transportation, warehousing services, urban distribution, clothing inspection, international shipping, customs declaration, etc. A full range of logistics services. First-class tax certification service, has been made of various licenses of customers worry about things, and in meijia international garment city merchants has submitted a valid information, business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and other kinds of pre certificates are easy to handle, can enjoy comprehensive tax agents, tax planning, finance and tax consulting, financial advisory and other system services. Bus route: take his 15's 25 road's 25 mall station to get off to walk the long road to male peak 150 meters in the male peak mall road 129 ( State road 105) Get off to walk 342 meters bus was 108 times 108 road, get off at the mall male peak B walk 374 meters bus was 108 times 108 B's 15 road in the Yangtze river 25's 25 road long term that digital garden [ Chung village] Get off to walk 490 meters in his 108's 108 road, get off at the bell village culture square B walk 539 meters
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