Men's general sales fell face collective transformation

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-07
Everyone said in the garment industry is facing the unprecedented predicament, but seems to be talking about women's clothing is more, the men's clothing is rarely mentioned, as if it is men's clothing, there is no crisis like this? Today we discuss this problem, also, according to the data of men's wear brand revenue has dropped, the first half of last year, bono operating income fell by 3. 73%, net profit year-on-year decline in 14. 15%; Nine animal husbandry king ( 601566. SH) In the first half of operating income fell 16. 56%, net profit fell 24. 8%; Septwolves ( 002029. SZ) Operating income fell by 28. 07%, net profit fell 40. 70%; Sinoer was sharp diving, 24 drop in revenue. 75%, 135 net profit drop. 26%. Performance frustration has led some companies is unsustainable and step from zhejiang's stake in the first half of the net loss of 33 million yuan, has renounced the clothing business, its restructuring, according to the company's clothing all assets will be sold to step group. Negative events like flurry on men's clothing industry, the industry even speak a variety of possible bad results are being caught up in the men's clothing industry. Is also based on this situation, most companies are shrinking front in the industry, to save his life, by means of the shutters septwolves last year the number of the shutters even as high as more than 500. Compared to the sportswear industry, men's wear enterprises are faced with the problem more, such as, low market concentration, brand competition is intense, product prices are inflated and extensive homogeneity serious, channel management, etc. , this also means that the experience, the transformation of labor will be more long, negative problems will be exposed to more extreme. With this round of industry adjustment, is expected to have a large number of men's clothing enterprise's elimination. Around 2007 foreign fast fashion brands into in great quantities, bring more choice for consumers to buy men's clothing, its pricing strategy compared with local brands are more practical, more cost-effective. On the other hand, with the rise of electricity to offline consumer demand has started to shrink, and clothing electricity is rely on low prices to quickly open the market. Used to less domestic men's wear brand, consumers have no choice, can only passive to accept high unreasonable pricing, some people say that a value of 300 yuan only men's wear, enterprise must be priced at 1000 yuan, perennial sale ways to promote sales. But now the consumer choice is much, men's wear enterprises before suddenly found channels, price, product, promotion mode are failed - — These patterns are rely on products of high profits, which means transformation must be big operation.
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