Men's wear brand full access to electricity industry and a good momentum of development

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-08
Everyone think men's clothing has always been low key, may be the boys are implicative, also don't like girls that like to dress up oneself, so you buy clothing are also less high-profile, dress like boys are bought can wear a few season, generally should be able to wear it, don't choose a special design, but to see the girls that ostentatious costumes, is really envy, some of men's clothing also began to tide up, so now a lot of fashion brand men's also got a good positioning in the market, consumers are keen on products, men's clothing is basically every year before, will not bring any design effect, anyway just feel they can wear in, men's clothing style had the very big change in recent years, a lot of clothing also will be a little bit like dress with design feeling, but although the design is more beautiful, for the offline market increasingly saturated, so everyone started slowly to network development. Trend of men's market is open network as if has just begun, men's first platform for Tmall electricity, occupy the market share of 66%; The second platform for every guest of 7. Accounted for 2%, the third platform for jingdong 6. 6%. Be worth what carry is, men's wear and other shoes clothing industry is different, although also face the challenge of inventory, but don't like women's clothing industry faces fierce competition, multinational giants like sportswear industry faces. Now sell like hot cakes for men are foreign brands, so the domestic brand of men's clothing or there will be many opportunities, at least space will be a lot of progress. But also brewing in calm water the next change, the fuse is the Internet. With the deepening of the shifted, a large number of traditional OEM merchants and traders are fully entered the field of traditional men's wear; Like every guest Internet brand with precise positioning, are fully occupied emerging consumer groups; At the same time e-commerce has kept going forward reversed transmission traditional men's wear brand, like bono, nine animal husbandry king, shanshan and younger are trying to create a online brand outside the main brand. Men's wear brand on the network brand effect also appeared in slowly, domestic men's clothing is also more do more good, and whether the number of goods or brand are also constantly increased, the number of which is to change the pattern of foreign brand occupy most of the market, according to incomplete statistics, at present there are more than 650000 Tmall men's clothing in the sale of goods, brand shops close to 6000. Clinch a deal worth mentioning from top view, Tmall top20 of men's clothing brand, domestic held 13 men's wear brand, and top.
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