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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-10
See said before a clothing wholesale market rent is rising every year, and up to the point of merchants cannot bear, and let the merchants of collective protest message, as you all know business is hard to do a lot in recent years, many businesses can't find clothes to sell and rent continued rise, autumn outfit are listed on the summer there are a lot of inventory, autumn outfit also didn't go well in the previous years! Since the financial crisis, various industries are influenced by a certain degree, and clothing industry is big, so some clothing wholesalers pressure has been rising, because clothing inventory becomes more than ever. Clothing wholesale out before the financial crisis is very make money, but not for these years, especially the rent increase too much, a level of about 10 square store, from entrants to now has more than doubled, while clothes but not how to take the goods price to go up, sales also decreased. Set of popular words, now do clothing wholesale is really 'Alexander' pears! As the saying goes, have pressure will have power, you will find more ways to solution, a business will not be a business model remains the same, will be replaced by new things, and this is the electronic commerce, now I know that everyone's life need can buy on the net, especially in the clothing is more popular on the Internet. As many wholesale businesses can reflect, entity clothing wholesale is experiencing the rent, sales drop. Pressure make people progress, make people think, with the advent of the era of the Internet a lot of clothing wholesale archives mouths Lord seized this opportunity, also by marketing point of sales channels, from o try new network clothing wholesale mode. Many stalls boss also said that they have to do network clothing wholesale, although just try holding the attitude at the beginning, just want to one more try to walk the road, but this half a year to sit down and effect than I thought of a good many, every month go cargo is very big. Using the network platform of the clothing wholesale not only don't need to store rent, also greatly save the operating costs, clothing wholesale business can through this platform, facing across the country, clothing shop owner, breakthrough the limitation of region, expand the cooperation opportunity, is a better means to break through the current industry's plight.
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