Milan fashion and red marriage of international fashion city become the vane of fashion clothing in the future

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-28
Fashion is never wave get hollow reputation, is an important industrial city of milan, the European economic and cultural center, milan fashion week and the Italian fashion industry's development is closely related to. From wool to silk, cotton and linen fabrics to science and technology, from accessories to deserve to act the role of, here are in the form of mutual embraces, which became the important basis for the development of milan fashion week. The charm of milan is the fashion, let the world know that milan is the fashion industry, compared with other fashion phase, the localization of milan fashion week particularly evident, 90% is Italian brand, not only have a top brand, also include some two or three line of the brand. This distribution is also proved that milan garment industry from the side of the health state and ultra high public acceptance. Only the haute couture on the cloud isn't is the fashion industry developed a unique identifier, only when everyone recognized dress beauty is a must, only all the clothes from high-end to low-end has its own creative design, clothing can be called a national industry. In some ways, milan has many similarities with guangzhou, also gathered the textile and garment related products industry cluster, also has developed around the textile and apparel industry of manufacturing base. And the same has successfully held 13 years of guangdong fashion week for the local clothing brand to provide fertile ground for growth. As early as the fashion week before the opening of 'milan debut' into the red attention seems to be in the fashion circle to fry, really travelling fashion shows top supermodel, the Italian fashion council highly recommend four famous Italian designer brands, Italian fashion art director of art council, Mr Rita sent grey jersey, organizer and dress collocation, for milan MATTORI fashion studio partners, fashion shows the creative director and production team of o. buddy ( Matteo Bardi) To join in the show's director, these magnificent milan squad will undoubtedly has sparked the infinite expectation of milan fashion. The rita, to participate in 'milan debut' red also is not an accident. Actually international fashion city is different from the other red clothing professional wholesale market has been the main 'international brand', whether the court in six years of development of the overall environment of the brand or market is full of full-bodied fashionable taste. 'The introduction of international fashion' has always been, is also an international fashion city red business objectives. Italian fashion council in 2011, art director Mr Rita and international fashion city red, general manager of acquaintances. ABU general personality and attitude towards fashion pursue attracts me. So after the rita came to guangzhou international fashion city, red, he said the red platform and brand attracted me, every brand has its own unique characteristics, they have very strong vitality, I hope to have more communication. And in milan, red over the same period more than the world popular trend release show, including Mr Rita speaker of 2014 ~ 2015 men and women fashion concept fashion release, qiu dong series popular color is issued, the popular version and release popular fabrics have attracted a lot of fashion designers, fashion people and media heiress, international fashion effect upgraded to an unprecedented height. Through the Italian brand influence in the international fashion circle, red international fashion city fashion trend intensified, milan fashion and international marriage, red finished fashion landmark breakthrough once again. With milan fashion red, red with the Italian international milan fashion week, artistic director of the proposed research to form the international fashion trend research studio ', regularly release popular trend for research and development of clothing enterprises and the designer to provide design services. And more closely with Europe, Korea, Japan and other international fashion agency build communication platform, continue to lead the international fashion elements, expand brand fashion red influence, become the vane of fashion clothing in the future.
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