Military Uniform Costumes For Halloween

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-08
Are you considering a military costumes for Halloween this year? What better way to show your support for our troops overseas (and at home), who are risking their lives to protect our country. Besides, uniforms are sexy. Especially sexy are the military uniform jumpsuit costumes available for Halloween this year. There are so many, you could probably have a military theme party. If you are actually in the military, you might consider wearing one of these to a party - add a sexy twist to what might be your everyday wear. Let's start off with the sexy jumpsuits available in Marine uniforms. The first is a Marine Officer costume. This jumpsuit has embroidered badges, so you can avoid any pins. It also has an officer's hat. The sleeves are long with piping and it is either black or a dark navy in color. It is also reviewed as stylish, fun to wear and comfortable. Or go with the 'Semper Fine' version. This one is in a lighter navy color and has shorter sleeves for a little more casual look. Next we have a marine 'pinup' romper costume. This is made in a shiny light blue material with a sailor collar, anchor applique, and a cute sailor cap -Semper Fine Adult Costume. Moving on to just a slight change - navy costumes. The Navy Angel costume is a very sexy full length, black jumpsuit. It has red piping, braided cord and a navy medal applique. It also comes with a belt and envelope hat - really official looking. You'll want to add some gloves and maybe black pumps for a proper dress uniform look. The Air Force Angel Halloween costume is similar, but with a change to a jade color, air force patches. Again with red piping and a double buckle black belt. You might consider some sexy boots to add to the look. And lastly - the Army - the group that is in the trenches, getting down and dirty. Two easy choices - one short, one long - are the full length gray camouflage costume worn by Scarlett in the GI Joe movie. In truth, this is actually a shirt and pants with a belt, but it looks like a jumpsuit. The other option is the First Line of Defense army green romper. This is a rather retro design, zips in the front and has a matching hat and contrasting belt. Add some high heeled pumps and be the cat's meow this Halloween. One caveat here - this is the short list! These uniforms are (almost) all sexy jumpsuit costumes - whether long or short (rompers). However, there are many more military costumes available. if you start by looking at the jumpsuits, then decide that you'd like a dress or perhaps a sexy two piece number (hot pants and halter top for example) - follow one of these links to the various vendor sites and just keep browsing. Whatever you choose, you are sure to draw some attention this Halloween.
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