More on the clothing store more flexible business advantage

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-18
Clothing store is not small is good stores sell like hot cakes style, in fact, we see some stores is very big, but very few customers seem cold and cheerless, if small shops once a few people will feel as if the appearance of the business is a fire, because others seem shops are crowded with people, and have more advantages in the process of business clothing store, because small shop to better goods to the store, with such pressure will be smaller in the capital. Small clothing store so we can into a few times in the stock, see which styles sell well we in batches of a small amount of replenishment, replenishment at the same time can also find new, so the replenishment when he entered into the new, by the way, it will be more timely to grasp of the new, it is a big advantage, and so I found a good new, we can to some, because some friends are not willing to bear the pressure of stock risk, emphasize the flexibility of network cooperation, and give up the operating entities of the initiative, replenish onr's stock often only into the design of a bit of a representative, don't feel like shop too much pile on small new models, so first send some what album called merchants to come over, let the customer choose from the album, as it is in stock when there are a lot of people will have some brochures, that can let customers see the picture album, I want to say that album is only a reference, this seems to be very safe very efficient operation, actually neglected the physical stores this factor, if stores all want to see the picture that it is better to order online, so that the same time can get physical, selling clothes are selling styles, new to attract customer's eyes. Do you rent a store there and work? As a result, the location of the store is good, the store doesn't have enough goods for customers to select, there is no appeal. So can go down to your business? Customer is the primary factor of absorption can let the customer get physical, clinch a deal the payment under the shopping impulsive emotion is its advantages. The advantage of network cooperation in the update style, replenishment, or as a last resort, under the condition of shortage of this advantage is actually a big enough, you don't have to shut the shop or entrust others to care, don't have to spend a fare and time run to replenish onr's stock replenishment that is enough, the entity shop in the main terminal or clothing retail form, our profits are mainly implemented there, in the real stock sales and network of the two advantages, entity and auxiliary network, don't exaggerate the role of network cooperation put the cart before the horse!
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