N95 respirator can use repeatedly after cleaning

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-16
All N95 mask for free maintenance respirators, use only. Although the N95 respirator can not clean, but as long as the N95 respirator without damage, respiratory resistance is normal or reusable, and it is not a disposable respirator. N95 respirator can't reuse N95 respirator use time after washing the root is directly related to use the environment. In general, odor-proof 3 m respirator are mostly active carbon mask, it has the dust-proof function, can filter peculiar smell. To filter peculiar smell, if you can smell smell, you need to immediately replace the N95 mask. For dust mask, if breathing resistance is too large, need to be replaced immediately. N95 respirator from high electrostatic filter material, filtering PM2 particulate matter and the air. 5. Clean the filter cotton material would be destroyed. Shall not be clean N95 mask, if you develop any of the following, should be replaced immediately masks: 1, the accumulation of dust particles amount is too high, the user feel resistance significantly increase ( The smell of the choke) ; 2, parts damage, aging, damage or failure ( Such as head, fracture, loose, the nose clip is broken, fall off, the mask body damage, deformation, etc. ) ; 3, not health ( The smell of the long time wearing and dirt) , or have reason to believe that repeated use 3 m masks may cause secondary pollution and infectious diseases.
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