Nanhai, foshan city, guangdong province, the wto textile city

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-06
The wto textile city of the south China sea was established in May 2002, is a high standard in south China, scale, development prospect of cloth ( Spot) Professional wholesale market, have 'guangfo gold corridor' the business, traffic developed. Yu Guangfo highway ( The ground) South, north of guangfo Shinkansen, west of foshan first ring, textile road east, formed the wto textile city ring road network. Guangzhou city loop, radiation pearl river bridge, the beltway mouth to the entrance of the southeast of the market square, only 15 minutes drive to guangzhou cuhk fabric market. The wto textile city covers an area of 300000 square meters, the architectural design in the modern market, in the 12 ~ 15 meters wide channels, variety complete, mainly has denim, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed fabric, spandex, HuaTiao lattice, twill, kam cotton, cotton woven fabric, leisure apparel fabrics such as corduroy; Curtain cloth, bedding, cloth, flannelette, the adornment such as cloth art; And underwear, clothing accessories, and other accessories. Ten years ago, when it comes to the wto textile city, perhaps few people know, only A area of more than 300 shops; Ten years later, the wto has become the larger fabric spot trading market in south China, is located in 321 state road, Guangfo road section step salt flat) South, north of guangfo Shinkansen, foshan first ring, textile road east, west of fast trunk line covers an area of 500 mu, the number soared to more than 2000 shops, and is committed to forging national textile and apparel industry larger trading platform. World trade DianDianBoBo through these ten wind and rain in the spring and autumn, of digital recording the leap of world trade volume, and focus on qualitative got bigger surprise. From 2002 to 2004, two years in the primary stage of development, the basic form the marketing pattern of the main fabric. Throughout the ten years development course, world trade in the textile industry, integration of professional fabric market distribution, with precise positioning design market, accomplished now omnidirectional radiation pattern fabrics, constantly update perfect comprehensive service, introduce security guarantee system, the 'five-star' market cleaning management, set up the noble butler service system, free to assist merchants to industrial and commercial registration with the tax declaration and other formalities, total radiation public relations and promotion strategy to world trade. In guangdong area, the wto textile city has become the first choice for fabric sourcing, cloth and cloth business area of 120000 square meters, the supremacy of the grey unshakeable foundations. But when it comes to and cloth, most people's first impression will give it a big set of title -- — 'Tail', however, the wto in order to adapt to the development trend of textile industry in the long run, the degree of force, completely broke and previous cloth as a fixed pattern of cloth tail goods, introduce into advanced textile equipment and advanced technology, absorb international textile clothing fashionable element, has gathered more than 30 high elastic cotton spot business incubators and cloth area, the wto textile city is developing with its forward-looking, innovative consciousness speakers, pilot and cloth were the first to change their way of the market. The wto textile city, geographical and human time, win up across the country, the clother and garment industry is the better sales trading platform. Gather textile wealth, invites the world customers! Bus route: take 236 road, 250 road, 251 road, 263 road, 277 road, 279 road guangfo line first 16 guangfo road - 3 the water white shows the guangfo road - 9 Jiang Guangfo intersection - Leliu guangfo road - Good travel first 5 drain no. 12 drain line 18 8 m road to Huang Qi city walking on 236 road, 250 road, 251 road, 263 road, 277 road, 279 road guangfo first 16 line guangfo first 2 line guangfo first 3 line guangfo first 6 line guangfo road - 3 the water white shows the guangfo road - 9 Jiang Guangfo intersection - Leliu guangfo road - Good travel first 5 drain line 06 drain 12 road on foot to the guangfo road east 254 meters
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