NASA took the Beijing haze will teach you how fog day wearing a mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-15
NASA recently taken Beijing haze experts: teach you how fog day wearing a mask: fog day wear masks? Have erupted repeatedly over recent heavy fog, fog haze greatly impact on the respiratory system, citizens go out need to wear masks. But various types of masks on the market, have different functions, select anti-fog haze mask has become. So, what fog day wear masks? Take a look at the introduction of expert. Fog day wear masks? Haze, mask has become indispensable to many residents travel 'artifact'. Respiratory physician warns a citizen, however, mask the haze is not wear it once and for all, more can't wear for a long time, change the frequency of different types of masks are different, people should change in time cleaning mask, otherwise go against respiratory health, prevent mist haze effect is limited. Expert says, the masks that sells on the market at present basically has N95 or PM2 N99 masks and other professional. 5 respirators, ordinary cotton masks, PM2. 5 filter masks, disposable masks, patterned with nose clip, the chemical fiber type of face mask, surgical masks, etc. In principle, particulate respirators must be based on user needs to deal with the dust concentration and toxicity to choose. Citizens can choose according to daily air quality index, if the air quality is better, choose ordinary mask can; If the air quality is poorer, PM2. 5 index is higher, prevent mist haze had better choose professional PM2 prevention such as N95 masks. 5 masks, ordinary mask to dust. But professional PM2. 5 mask need to replace two days after the use, otherwise can't well play a protective role, but also because of its good sealing, easy to make people appear breathing disorders, hypoxia, and so on and so forth, this mask is not suitable for long wear. PM2。 5 filter masks generally wear time of 8 to 10 days ( According to the eight hours a day) , if a stain on filter should be replaced immediately. Disposable masks, disposable surgical masks with nose clip don't repeat use, best a change every four hours. Prevent mist haze mask wear mode: when wearing surgical respirators shall guarantee the fit face, keep the masks in airtight can play a good filtering capabilities. Exhaling and inhaling wear should be done after the test, the test method is as follows: 1, hands cover the mask and then exhale, exhale if leakage from the edges of the said wearing inappropriate, need to adjust the Angle of wear. 2, both hands cover the mask and then inhale, masks the central depression, if there are air from the brink said wearing inappropriate, need to adjust the Angle of wear. Wear anti-fog haze mask of note: 1, buy a mask must see manufacturers and other detailed information, don't buy '3 without' product. 2, wearing masks should be paid attention to when the mask cannot be used interchangeably, inside and outside masks should be close to the nose and mouth when not wearing a folded, into a clean plastic bag spare, don't literally into the pocket of clothes or hanging around his neck. 3, used as a daily anti-fog haze, the service life of the respirator was mainly affected by sexual health, such as the inside of the mask, signs of the foul odor. After repeated use of masks it will appear such as deformation, breakage, tape or nose clip become lax phenomenon, these all affect masks or sex. If it becomes not closed, you should stop using, replace the new masks. Prevent mist haze mask manufacturers - — Hongyu Apparel medical products warm prompt: for the sake of health, the fog day citizens should minimize the chance of going out, even go out remember to wear face masks.
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