New ones industrial upgrading from the traditional costumes of the township to brand clothing

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-02
Apparel industry is a sustainable development of the industry, today again see a city start a clothing brand base, a city called new ones, to the city I was not quite familiar with words here used to be the coal industry is developed, in recent years began to transition to compare the apparel industry of environmental protection, to make the construction of brand of clothing. New ones new district is the main area of the new ones curved beam town, the garment industry started in the early 1980 s, after 30 years of accumulation and development, achieved by dispersed to scale, from simple extensive to high-grade quality, by the courtyard processing to the transition of the modern company, has obtained the good economic and social benefits. With the advantages in the apparel industry, xinmi industrial cluster areas 'for production base, in order to revitalize the city integration, collaborative development' tone, positioning garment industry leading industries, building brand of clothing. Learned, xinmi industrial concentration area clothing industry is closely rely on the zhengzhou city garment industry boomed, largely thanks to the rise of the emerging industries, is identified as one of the three largest garment processing production base of zhengzhou city. Will focus on the development of clothing and clothing trading market, industrial cluster formation with apparel supply chain, clothing production and distribution chain of new garment industry highlands, leading the province's clothing design, processing and sales, creating brand boutiques, development, construction of the national famous brand clothing production base and trading center. The area to upgrade the industrial chain based on the existing garment industry chain, industrial agglomeration effect, prompting from the trousers industry processing as the core gradually turned to brand as the core; Focus on supporting the fabirc and dyeing and finishing process, strengthen the relationship in every link of the industrial chain, achieve complete industrial chain, tight and elastic. As clothing production and processing base, zhengzhou city, dominated by men's trousers, become bigger and stronger in men's trousers industry at the same time, according to zhengzhou garment industry development complementary makings market lack of problems, using the mall focus on developing garment accessories market, and with complementary makings market attract material production enterprises, form the trousers industry as the leading industry, supplementary material production to processing base. Strive for three years to realize apparel industry main business income is 10 billion yuan. In xinmi industrial concentration area as the carrier, based on fast (jin rong creative park, Hong Kong New ones) Garment industrial park, China international clothing hatcheries, win with corporate headquarters in Hong Kong and clothing industry park actively undertake coastal clothing industry shift, guides the clothing enterprises to concentrate in concentrated area, at the same time actively introducing and correlation of the apparel industry is strong, the matching of upstream and downstream of the project, extends the industrial chain, promote the clothing industry from quantitative, stick a card type, single processing to efficiency, independent research and production pin compatible type, formed in the national influential clothing research and development, production and sales base. Dominated by clothing production, highlighting the trousers industry processing, actively developing accessories production, the construction set product development, production and processing, sales for the integration of exhibition clothing production hatcheries, apparel industry scale, the brand and quality. New ones new district administrative register implements unified deployment, work deployment, fiscal management, ensure the effective control and unified management of the allocation of resources in the area of, the industrial concentration area in the past and in the villages and towns shuffle wrangling, such outstanding problems as low efficiency, simplify the procedures, and optimize the workflow. Leading industry with high quality effect. Developed to build 'the advanced manufacturing base, brand clothing, ecological livable city' development orientation, promoting development of equipment manufacturing and clothing industry.
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