Note: fast fashion clothing factories how to promote website rankings SEO skills

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-26
A lot of people say is now a time of significant social media, because of higher difficulty of SEO optimization, many companies have abandoned do SEO optimization, focusing on WeChat, weibo, since the media and other marketing methods. But it was only the layman's view, from a professional point of view, through the SEO optimization to website traffic is very customer and precise. But SEO is a long-term process, as long as you stick to the flow at the meeting. Diplomatic circles below to share some boost rankings SEO skills. Hong yu new spring and summer clothing factory clothing factory dongguan falbala splicing package hip dress, dongguan new garment factory with irregular joining together solid color dress 1, page title page titles appear in the keywords is a very important place in the page, thus appear keywords in the title of web page ranking influence is very big, all the title of the page must appear keywords, your page title contains keyword? 2, description tags appear in the keywords when users enter a search word search on search engines, search results page will be related to the title of the page and the description of the page, so the description and search words matching degree also affects the natural ranking web pages. In the description of web pages to join 2 - appropriately Three key words, want to naturally to join, cannot too deliberately. In content in 3, the content of key words this is must, if finish see a content can't find the theme of this article content, then stand in the user's point of view, this article content is not conducive to the user experience; And stand in the Angle of the search engine, this is a very low correlation content. So we should naturally embedded keywords in the content. 4 keywords, keywords, location and density is closely related to Internet users search term, if the web page of keywords and the search term matching degree is high, can rely on top of a web page. Keywords and search terms and web page matching degree and influenced by the page keyword density and position. According to statistics, search engine is recognized key words appear in the first paragraph and paragraph, and keyword Suggestions the first appears. About keyword density, suggested in 6% 8%, of course, if it can not to consider this range, because now the search engine, engine algorithm has done more and more humanized. 5, the TAG label appear in the keywords TAG label is defined according to the content you keyword as a TAG label, content and title may not contain the keywords. We can put this TAG TAG as a classification, its weight is higher than the article page. 6, anchor text keywords contained in properly within the article inside pages with chain, anchor text to contain the keywords, this way we can refer to all kinds of wikipedia, such as wikipedia and baidu encyclopedia, etc. This can enhance the links between web pages, enhance the user experience. 7, ALT attribute keywords in ALT attribute is actually tell users and search engines what this is, when we can't show pictures for some reason, the user will know what on earth is this picture said.
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