Novel and unique style summer start!

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-31
Yin and Yang and ended with the advent of April fool's day in March, is the summer after the qingming festival is approaching. Hong yu garment inside has taken on a new look, new showroom has changed into the summer. Temperature rise gradually, the summer clothing also began to start: 1. JASI& CO black soft grind arenaceous qualitative feeling small vest skirt in this hasn't really reach the summer season, long assembly stockings is a good choice. Vest to wear outside completely, but can be tie-in thin small coat. Loose edge design and unique, round collar vest shoulder slightly dry leakage, the design of cultivate one's morality is the show figure & other; A good bridge & throughout; 。 Lightweight, softness is better than general knitting material, wear close-fitting non-stick MAO, the transition of absolutely suitable for spring and summer. 2. JASI& CO white chiffon with lace long sleeve shirts summer will come, put on fresh pure white make a person more spirit. Shoulder lace design ornament, added a few minutes of literature and art. Before the spare strap in leisure, sleeve shrink slightly fold, fold the petal type cuff too much a few minutes the campus wind. Single wear long sleeve is suitable for the current season. Hong yu clothing can properly according to seasons and changing market, providing customers with thoughtful design, use the same fabrics to create the visual different clothes. What are you waiting for? Take you to meet summer, novel and unique style summer start!
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