Novices wear on how to wear out the characteristics of Europe and the United States women's clothing?

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-01
In the daily dress collocation, Europe and the United States the characteristics of women's wear take significant not only beautiful and has a big style, especially some light ripe female people like euramerican style of dress collocation, so the European and American style dress collocation is often used what elements? How can you wear a big feeling? Let's learn by taking snapshots pictures to the European and American wind dress collocation skill and popular elements. Hollow out black and white stripe T-shirt + khaki wide-legged pants + red pointed shoes + red thin belt package, stripe element and wide-legged pants are popular pop elements, and choose the two elements to undertake collocation is simple and very fashionable, very suitable for some girls to match in the workplace. If you are a relatively low-key sister, shoes and handbags with black or white will appear more sedate. Red leather jumpsuit + black point short boots, although jumpsuits fluctuation which don't have to think too much with what match it, but want to wear jumpsuits looks good for body also has a certain requirements, too plump girl wearing jumpsuits may be embarrassing. So suggest girls wear jumpsuits according to their own size to decide, not blindly imitate it have the opposite effect. Flight jacket black + white letters T-shirt + cowboy straight canister + point short boots, this flight jacket and white T-shirt of European and American wind collocation has been popular in the streets, at home and abroad of the actress who also take such collocation as a street, you can see the beauty of the stars with the airport flight jacket in a white T-shirt tees has a lot of, how such collocation method is hot. Black motorcycle jacket + + pink collar T-shirt printed pleated chiffon skirt + wine red velvet short boots, hale motorcycle jacket cool, to reduce the number of motorcycle jacket bring too sharp effect, inside take a pink T-shirt is a good choice, instantaneous can promote young girl. In the lower body is tie-in a more feminine pleated chiffon skirt is elegant and sexy.
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