Old driver to take you to distinguish: the real difference between clothing wholesale and retail clothing!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-17
We in the clothing wholesale market, every day looking at pushing people hung out in the car, carrying a black bag in clothing wholesale markets, such as guest water geta, face a variety of people, good and evil people mixed up, especially many novice sister or shaft, can't tell exactly what is the real wholesale, what is the retail. Hong yu clothing today is to introduce an old driver critical, since 1991 has been 23 years, she can tell at a glance. Q: how to see this person is really wholesale or pretend to wholesale? A: for veteran sellers, it is easy to see through what is retail, what is the real wholesale. Generally come over to ask the first how much money, if I said more than 200 yuan, he asked how much is the wholesale, retail; I know it's True wholesale will directly ask the wholesale price, the clothes a few number, how many colors, but also will ask you ever sold to which parts of the world. Such as merchants from jinan, he will ask: you sold to XX building this clothes? If you haven't sold, he will consider, if I have been to the XX building sell these a few clothes, basic don't talk about him. Q: what is the real wholesale should be like? A: the general customers don't cart, carrying bag, all big customers are now carrying cash directly. I give him the address. Charge people more, also have the remittance, if the design is good selling, telephone contact, tell me what you want, he give me the money, and by means of the remittance I will send his clothes. Q: when is wholesale and the peak season? Wholesale people more time every day? A: cotton-padded jacket is November wholesale season, after the New Year's day is less, after the New Year's day is the handle to jilt goods, retail is A little more. Wholesale building open at 6 am and 9 ~ 12 wholesale merchants, after 12 o 'clock guests less. Guests coming from afar, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, chongqing, kunming and other wholesale will come to Beijing. On Saturday, Sunday, wholesale person is less, the retail of ordinary consumers will be shopping at the weekend. Q: how much wholesale price will be cheaper than the retail price? A: retail, in fact, on Monday to Friday, 1 PM to clothing wholesale market is worthwhile, because at that time few on wholesale, shopkeepers have sold A is A basic, it is easy to cut down the price. If you encounter will bargain clients, and finally to get the price may be more expensive than wholesale prices a decade or two yuan, relatively have a bargain. Clothing industry is a traditional multifarious industry, affects the interests of the role up and down, so we often say that water is deep, only keep the eye and learning enthusiasm, rapid response, market between.
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