Online clothing wholesale clothing wholesale market on forced transformation

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-21
When it comes to clothing wholesale market, now has a lot of people think that capacity is much less than before, each other - by up to 20% less More than 30%, so there are a lot of in the clothing market, the boss of all say business is as good as they used to be done, take clothes go cargo, for instance, some shopkeeper said in previous day clothing wholesale sales in the 2 - 30000, and now the remaining less than half, the business is not good when I was only 23000 have, off season when a clock shop also didn't come to a few customers, then probably hasn't enough money shop rent, with the unceasing change of business form now, many merchants also feels that clothing wholesale way may be more and more narrow. Last year, down jacket and mink coat sales decline for more than 5 into. Although there is a warm winter, but the real reason, is the business environment changed. First is channel advantage no longer cost with agent level difference, is a traditional wholesale source of profits. But electronic commerce made the middle agent level, can be directly from the manufacturer into the channel or terminal. A merchants said the original third agent in garment city, across the they find a clothing manufacturer replenish onr's stock online. Operating costs are also on the rise a good store location, store rent tripled over the years, before this year to $200000 to $400000. Employee wages have doubled, no WuLiuQian yuan is carrying. So before 30 yuan a piece of clothes, also can't do now, cheap also want to sell to the fronted yuan. Theory of cheap, consumers think cheaper online. But not cheap consumer, the one you like is the brand goods. Future may also worsen the condition of the clothing market, and there are a lot of market began to change, some change my own clothing market stalls more fashion, eliminating part of bad sales merchants, recruit more powerful brand clothes, there are some wholesale market looking for ways to attract traffic, there are some free WIFI, let it be as long as the admission will be able to enjoy high speed Internet, on the phone so popular today as they also bring a lot of traffic, but clothing wholesale market in the future, when you go to where, also have different, only in this way can also find more suitable for the market transformation method, let the market now narrow path more walk more wide.
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