Online purchase special need to pay attention to fraud prevention

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-21
Online purchase actually this thing everyone is worried about being cheated, actually this thing is not big, as long as you pay more attention to there will be no such a thing happened. Although the possibility of online purchase has been cheated, the offline purchase will also have deceived, someone said I went to the scene look at how could take goods deceived? But there are all kinds of emergency, so where is the stock are the same, are bullish on your wallet, or is likely to be cheated. Online is more simple than offline, actually do anything on the Internet, we only need to do a detailed inquiry, detailed information web site can be mastered, query wholesale website reputation, website names such as main information input in any search engine, then check that the site isn't released by the bad evaluation, if you have carefully identify the authenticity of the evaluation, if you think the assessment is objective and true, it can replenish onr's stock in such sites. Search the phone number of the site, and customer service of the QQ, liar phone is constantly changing, QQ often change, through the search can query to the poor evaluation. For the first time in the web site you selected stock must sample pick up the goods, first by you on the site to choose the quality of the model to determine the site of the clothing, style, price is competitive. For the first time in the web site you selected stock must choose pay treasure to deal, in you receive goods, not satisfied will be able to talk to businesses, to avoid being cheated and suffer losses. The world is no free lunch, remember you get what you pay for is reasonable, if the price is too low and wholesale website and put the goods of exceptionally good quality, style description, so you have to be careful, penny wise, pound foolish. Retain the payment related documents such as the bank money order, pay treasure transaction records, etc. Used to have the customer said they replenish onr's stock in other sites use pay treasure payment can't find the transaction records, I feel a bit strange, pay treasure every sum will generate a transaction records, whether you are using what way to pay money, unless you are using is not pay treasure payment, so as long as the payment is generated a record, do not check if the record what you have to worry about whether met that bad websites. The website of online trading is going to look for the alipay, as long as it is in pay treasure payment will be pay treasure to the official website, if not then don't payment transactions.
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