Online store very big impact to clothing line clothing promotional discounts to open online store inventory digestion

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-20
Many businesses are especially hard to reflect the current in the garment business, specific reasons we are clear, the market in recent years by the economic downturn and slowly be saturated situation, everyone also all think it is enough, time isn't so better, shop recently and listen to everyone in the discussion of the impact of the clothing store, said that this really brought very big pressure to the clothing store, clothing shop owner across the country has felt, that our chain of clothing brands have such problems? We also learn about the brand clothing in such cases is how to deal with. We access to a han edition dress brand chain, who said that in such circumstances they have pressure, a chain of clothing brand is no exception, it is also the challenge for the garment industry, the enterprise manager told us that their clothing inventory many remaining in the spring and summer of this year, there are about millions of goods, estimates that a year has not completely digested, more than the family enterprise is oh, so many enterprises also have said consumption inventory is less 1 year, more than 2 - Three years, under the pressure of such high inventory, many companies will start clearance on ahead of time, they say the entire industry is facing an unprecedented inventory. And how to digest inventory, for clothing industry is a tricky problem. Have a problem we have to think of some way to solve ah, inventory is too big for companies is also a kind of a drag on, spring and summer sales fell nearly 50% of the amount of elimination, some enterprises in order to digest inventory as soon as possible, so we have to hold one month in advance sale, sale promotion, and so on activity, anyway also should clear the inventory at a loss, but doing so is enterprise's rogue move ah, in the case of elimination quantity couldn't get on, corporate profits are declining, some companies' profits fell by about 10%, some companies' profits fell by 20% 30%, this industry will never get rid of the clothing or inventory pressure, says some line into more than 10 years, never had such pressure, is really very difficult for this year. Can say in a year or summer clothing boom, according to the experience of the past are in autumn outfit on the summer began to sales or have a variety of promotional activities, but in view of this condition may be in July for summer wear will occur at a discount, clearance, for about a month earlier than usual, clothing store sales is already a fact. Discount is to inventory clothing enterprises promotion tradition, at present a lot of clothing enterprise through the development of e-commerce sales channel to save itself, some enterprises are also wholesale inventories to online sellers, or open a shop directly. Many companies have started to explore different programs, network also want to adopt the way of 'entity sales + e-commerce', the network prices and entity shop as uniform as possible, don't let the impact online stores, and the new problems facing the garment enterprises. In such a bad situation, no one want to reverse the situation, the decrease of the let's clothing inventory as far as possible, although there are a lot of people are choosing depreciate sales promotion or activities, but facing the pressure of high inventory, a lot of people have to find a better model to digest inventory, open online stores may also be a good model, but there are a lot like a chain of clothing brand, deep tillage brand offline for many years may still want to continue to wait for a better environment, or to find a better way to increase the amount.
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