Open a clothing store for clothing wholesale market research is necessary

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-01
Sometimes open a shop I think I do enough, why business is bad? I came into the goods you also not bad ah, all is the clothing market in higher price, the quality is relatively good, why nobody value? Believe that these problems a lot of people are met, that I want to know do you understand the local market? What do you know the customer's heart: one is thinking? This question is a bit difficult, a lot of people might say the customer heart how should I know? So have to do a market research first, someone in the shop to connect at the beginning of a generation of the clothing wholesale market have gone again, almost a year of her road walked, hind legs ache for a month. Walk to the end is going to throw up. Deeply do clothing is not easy, good want to open a clothing store, both retail and wholesale, really too much to pay. Even now hot, busy big sellers, at the beginning will surely the unusual effort and bitterness. She made a first to understand the local market, so I'd like to open a high-end women's clothing store, mainly European and American style. Because my head is not small, so in terms of positioning, subjective is given priority to with his be fond of. There may be some shopkeepers will say, can't take what you like, to give priority to with mass consumption of the market, what what to do to make money. But I still not rational choice for the style that suits oneself, if their shop clothes don't like it, how can they recommend to their customers. Money is important, but money is more important to me in happiness. As the slow growth of the age, the little girl that kind of sweet and lovely style, has been not very can accept, I want to do some good quality, simple in design style. Refuse grandiose, give priority to with real wear socialist. They went to the clothing market is generally early, because they know the general clothing market more than 7 o 'clock in the morning is to open the door, 2 - in the afternoon At three in the document, but there are some places not too same, into a clothing wholesale market, the first floor of the pavement when they didn't see, because now more and more retail buyers will go to wholesale market for goods, on the first floor, for the most part of street pavement is given priority to with retail, plus the shop rent will be more expensive than other floors, prices will surely is higher, so don't waste time. Began to start from the second floor room, basically see the garment type is given priority to with han edition and Europe. But this can be a lot of clothing wholesale market, even do high-end clothing also see several markets. After her observation, a lot of business seems very hot, look at that kid sister younger brother a pile, the ground of the shipment is also a heap of, inside the store money is very much also, look at a person dazzling. Went someone to wait upon him, the wife of shop-owner wife of shop-owner, see their so-called hot style to you. Walk for several market are think the price is a little high, such as t-shirts, around 180, 180 - jeans More than 380, 280, suit general good workmanship, 499, 280 - silk shirt More than 300, it is summer. You want to find a suitable garment sourcing is not a easy thing, after all, if found the right place, then the cooperation will be very convenient, just start this period of time to find the right market. 。
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